The modern day world is all about colors. We love to have vibrant feel in our lives. We also want freshness in our homes. Paints have a good effect on us. When our walls are painted with good color, it soothes us and also makes the house more appealing to the eyes.

There are a variety of paint companies with almost every kind of color you can imagine. Different trends are used to enhance the look of your room with just the paint. Some paint one wall with a darker color and the remaining three walls with a lighter color. Choosing the right color for your room is also challenging. Bright colors will make your room more spacious.

Heat Guns for Paint Stripping

Heat guns are one of the best options for paint stripping. There are many reasons why you should go for heat guns. Following are a few reasons mentioned:

  1. It will not create a mess. It will only heat the area from where you want to remove the paint. It will not affect any other area near that point. Once the point is heated up, the paint will come off easily in the form of dry, disposable paint.
  2. It is safe for your material. Wherever you have to take off the paint, it will not leave that point melted or damaged from the heat. You will not have to worry about your wall or your wood.
  3. It is user-friendly and easy to handle. It not too big or too heavy for you to carry and operate.
  4. It is also environment-friendly as it does not create any toxics usually like other paint removers which have harsh chemicals.

Best Heat Guns for Paint Stripping

Following are five best heat guns for paint stripping.

1. Porter-Cable Heat Gun

Porter-Cable Heat Gun

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Porter-Cable is a 1500 watt heat gun. This heat gun is manufactured in China. It comes in 5 pieces which you have to assemble once you get one. It offers high and low-speed fan option. You can adjust the temperature according to your need. You can use it not only for paint removal but it is also good for blending plastic pipes, shrinking and welding plastic. It provides you with one year of free service and a 3-year warranty. You can get your money back in 90 days if you are not satisfied.


  1. Better and safer than using chemical paint strippers.
  2. The lower temperature option makes heat concentration better.
  3. It is solid in its body and reliable.


  1. It lacks nozzle attachments.
  2. It makes noise when used over some time.
  3. Its durability is for less time.

2. Wagner Spray Tech Heat Gun

Wagner Spray Tech Heat Gun

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Wagner Spray heat gun offers you 750 and 1000 Fahrenheit temperature. It provides you easy to handle heat function that you can use for paint stripping and more purposes like loosening tight, rusty nuts quickly thaw your frozen pipes and more. It has a resistant nozzle.

It’s heating power is 1200-watts. It only weighs around 1.5 pounds which makes it easy to hold for a longer time. People have used it to bend tubes with low heat settings. It is recommended to cool down the nozzle before putting in storage. You will get a two-year warranty from the company.


  1. It is simple to operate.
  2. Its low temperature works well to melt delicate things and not to burn
  3. Lasts longer


  1. The on-off switch is upside down which can be a bit confusing at first use.
  2. Takes a lot of time to cool down.
  3. It creates noise when used.

3. ProTect Heat Gun

ProTect Heat Gun

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This Heat gun comes with a heat gun kit case. It gives you two different temperature settings, one if 700 F and other is 1000 F. You can adjust the temperature according to your need. It will also help you in defrosting frozen nuts. It weighs around 2.2 pounds, not too heavy to handle. Its material is PP+ nylon.


  1. It heats up fast and quickly cools down.
  2. The attachments with the heat gun are useful.
  3. The heating power is stronger than other usual heat guns


  1. The nozzle attachments are not much reliable.
  2. Takes a long time to defrost things.
  3. Sometimes it gets difficult to control the temperature.

4. Genesis GHG 1500A Heat gun with the kit

Genesis GHG 1500A Heat gun with the kit

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This heat gun has a powerful 12.5 Amp motor. They provide you with four metal nozzle attachments which are two deflector nozzles, one reflector, and other air reflector nozzle. It weighs around 2 pounds. The design of the heat gun is made in a way which makes it easy to use. It has two temperature settings, 750 watts, and 1500 watts.


  1. Heating power is great.
  2. The nozzle attachments give extra features to the heat gun.
  3. It heats up fast.


  1. Not easy to hold once it gets heated up.
  2. Some might experience fumes or smoke coming out of the heat gun.
  3. Sometimes get extremely hot, and its wires might melt.

  5. Pit Bull CHIGHOO 14UL Heat Gun

Pit Bull CHIGHOO 14UL Heat Gun

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They give you four heat nozzles with the heat gun. It weighs around 2 pounds and is made from plastic and metal. It can be used for more than just paint stripping. It also is used for varnish, applying shrink wraps and removing decals.


  1. It does work very quickly.
  2. It can be used to get rid of a dent out of car bumper.
  3. It supplies consistent heat.


  1. The fan speed is slow.
  2. The attachments are not much of a help.
  3. Not durable enough


Some are fond of painting their homes themselves without getting a professional painter. It is fun tough. You can get messy all over your clothes and hands, but in the end, you will enjoy it all. But there is one little thing that might come in your way of enjoyment. You might get paint somewhere you didn’t want to paint.

That can be a mess for you. Paint is no regular liquid that you can wipe of or scrap off. You need special equipment for it, the heat gun. We hope that our review helped you reach a conclusion on which heat gun you’d be using for your next DIY Project.