There is always a threat to everything we own. Safety comes first, and we have to ensure it. As the crime rates are increasing, people have to take steps for their self-security. We all possess valuable things which are dear to us.

We need to make sure our belongings are safe enough that we do not have to worry about them getting stolen. Houses usually have a lot of precious and expensive things. When you go out, you should check all the locks thoroughly because the burglars have many advanced techniques to get into your house.

What to Look for in a Padlock?

If you are planning to buy a padlock, you must consider the following points:

1. Material

The padlock should be made up of heavy material. Alloy steel is the best. It will improve the strength of the lock.

3. Resistance to Attack

It should be made strong enough to resist any attempt of pulling, drilling, hard throws, etc.

4. Key Pins

The key should have some pins. This way the key will be hard to get duplicated.

5. Heavy-ness of the lock

The lock should be heavy enough for the burglar to make it difficult to handle it.

6. Weather-Resistance

The lock should be able to resist any weather condition. If not, it might get rusted which makes it easier to break it.

5 Best Padlocks for Gates

Following are five best padlocks that you might want to consider buying.

1. Master Locks

Master Locks

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Master locks are high-security pro series with Bump Stop technology. You will get four master padlocks with eight keys. They are 64 mm of width. They are capable of withstanding harsh thrown. If someone tries to open with by throwing a stone, it will not break.

It is made up of solid steel and weighs around 1.67 lbs. It has chrome rustproof which provides longer durability. Because they are strong and tough locks, they are used commercially too, for businesses, etc.


  1. They are strong locks.
  2. They are very heavy and reliable.
  3. They can work great in extreme weather conditions.
  4. It has a think locking link.


  1. It is costly.
  2. It is heavier for you to handle.
  3. If you misplace the keys, you have to order the keys again.

2. Stanley Hardware Steel Padlock

Stanley Hardware Steel Padlock

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This padlock is made up of steel making it heavy. It has a keyway cover which is used to protect the lock from drilling. It can resist hard throws at it. It has anti-pick pins with the six-pin cylinder. They offer good security and are durable.  It comes in 50 mm width and 60 mm width.


  1. The lock is tough.
  2. The key is different which makes it harder to get a duplicate of.
  3. It provides high-end security.


  1. It is not durable.
  2. The body of the lock is not too good.
  3. It is not weather resistant.

3. ABUS Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock

ABUS Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock

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This padlock is handmade used by high-quality material in Germany. It has a stainless steel body. It provides an anti-cut plate for more security. It can resist pulling and drilling. It contains ABUS plus disk cylinder providing a high level of security. The disk cylinder gives it 360-degree protection. It has good key variations. The shape of the lock is different which confuses the burglar who to unlock it.


  1. Not easy to break the lock.
  2. It is heavy duty
  3. It has a different disc style lock


  1. Locking it is not smooth enough
  2. Keys are not too strong.
  3. Not too good at weather resisting

4. FJM Security Padlocks

FJM Security Padlocks

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This is a triple chrome plated padlock, in a D shape. It resists any drilling, cutting or pulling. It is made up of stainless steel and is heavy. It is weather resistance and lasts longer. They have different keys which are a ship like shaped. They give you four different European styles. The keys are different and hard to duplicate. It has a freely rotating shackle.


  1. They are heavy in their weight.
  2. The bolts slide smoothly
  3. They keys are difficult to get duplicated.


  1. Bolt cutters are weak
  2. The lock itself is not difficult to open without keys
  3. It can get rust.

5. Centurion Padlock

Centurion Padlock

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This padlock has an iron body and is commercially used for high security. It is weather and corrosion resistant. It has a double lock which offers you extra security. You will get three keys with this lock.  It can resist all type of attacks. It comes in three sizes, 40 mm body, 50 mm body and 60 mm body.


  1. It is good for indoor.
  2. It is strong and heavy
  3. Fits well and is not easy to break it


  1. Sometimes you might have difficulty in unlocking it in extreme cold.
  2. It gets rusted
  3. It is not too good for outdoors because it cannot resist much of extreme weather conditions as it says so.


Padlocks are a great option for self-security. You need to choose the best lock with no compromise on it. Buying a good quality padlock will save you for the worse times. The padlocks mentioned above are one of the best’s padlocks out there. You will not regret your decision of buying one.