In the recent models of refrigerators, the majority of the refrigerators have a water filter which is connected water dispenser and ice maker. If the water dispenser is used on a regular basis then it should be changed after every six months. Replacement filters are available in the market and you can purchase them for your refrigerator.

Most of the refrigerator has the bypass plug which imparts a necessity for water filter and without a bypass plug refrigerator will work without a water filter. In the recent models the bypass plug is present but, in some cases, or in some brands they are not available so they work without a water filter.

Are Water Filters Necessary?

Many people ask this question, are refrigerator water filters necessary? The answer depends upon the situation if you are living in an area where water purity is not sure then water filter is necessary because it will eliminate dangerous elements from water, and you will enjoy the pure water. As far as the function of refrigerator concerns, refrigerator can work without a water filter.

In recent times when water contains so many dangerous compounds are present in water, refrigeration companies started to provide a water filter in the refrigerator. The only function of the water filter is to remove the unwanted elements from water.

Water is essential for life and purity imparts a significant role in our lives. Although in developed countries water passed from many processes to reach in someone’s refrigerator but for extra purity, it is necessary to have a water filter attached with your refrigerator.

Operating without a water filter

A refrigerator can operate without the water filter and it all depends on the specifications of your refrigerator. If your refrigerator has not bypass plug and you can close filter housing with the filter cap, then water filter is not necessary.

On the other hand, if a refrigerator has a bypass plug then it must be settled for water and ice dispensers to work without the water filter. Check your model specifications and read the manual about its usage without a water filter. If this question that are refrigerator water filters necessary?, asked in the sense of operation of a refrigerator, then the answer is No.

Bypass Plug Models of Refrigerators

The refrigerator which has a bypass plug often allows you to operate it without water filter if needed. In the recent models, the bypass plug is installed in the compartments of the refrigerator. To use the bypass plug, turn your water filter anticlockwise until the filter slides out. Then you can put the filter bypass plug-in filter housing and then rotate it clockwise to secure.

Non-bypass Plug Models of refrigerators

Some refrigerators work without water filters. In such models the filters located in the base grille. Water filter technique is introduced in the recent models of the refrigeration systems while in some decades the back concept of water filters was rare.

Even now in the developing countries water filters are not available in the refrigeration systems and people rely on other methods of filtration. So the question which is asked usually by the people, are refrigerator water filters necessary? As far as the operation of the refrigerator concern then they are not necessary for the system to operate.

Benefits of Water filters

Water and ice dispensers of the refrigerator works best with its filter and allow the constant flow of pure water. Filters remove the debris, minerals and other impurities from water before turning it into ice. When water left unfiltered, foreign impurities are not removed from the water which ultimately affects its purity and taste.

Carbon filters which are installed in the refrigerator can be helpful for removing the large particles from water such as dirt particles by absorbing them but small particles cannot be absorbed by the carbon filters, to combat these particles some people used the reverse osmosis filters which are effective in removing the small particles from water and ultimately prevent you from their dangerous effects.

According to some experts, this method of filtration can remove 99% of impurities from your drinking water and save you some water-borne diseases. If you are not sure about the quality of your drinking water then these filters are highly recommended. Some people install the water filtration system in their entire home besides in refrigerator because they are very keen regarding the purity of water. Pure water can save you from many water-borne diseases as in the developing countries there are many diseases in which mostly present due to the poor quality of water.

Proper replacements of water filters are also very necessary because after a specific period of time they cannot generate similar results, so you should change your water filters according to the time phrase. Some experts recommend you should change your water filters every six months.

How to know that it is time to change your water filter

Although there is no sign which shows you to change your water filter, if you are not changing your water filter from a year then you should do it now because you are not drinking pure water. Some people ignore the change but they do not know how bad it can affect your health. Changing of water filters after every six months is necessary and it will not cost you too much.

On average changing of filters after six months will cost you only $60. Consistent replacement of water filters is surety that you are drinking pure water and you are saving yourself from water-borne diseases and other harmful effects of impurities.