If you make a decision for purchasing the ceiling fan, you can read the review for the best ceiling fan. We think you get a great value for making decisions. When you need a ceiling fan, you have to know the information about the ceiling fan. But you have a different question in your mind. Such as, what is the best ceiling fan? How to choose the best ceiling fan for air movement?

Is it applicable for my indoor or bedroom or outdoor? I think you need the best quality ceiling fan with the best technology, quality, airflow, warranty, and many other things. You may buy a ceiling fan with your air conditioner. Why you trust us? We analyzed more than 30 models and brands for the reviewing. We get the best result for the ceiling fan.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan for Air Movement


Westinghouse Ceiling Fan is a very smart and gunmetal and bush nickel color blade fan, very lucrative gunmetal finish. Its high-quality motor gives the best air on your room and motor have a lifetime warranty. A simplistic fan looks at your room stylish. It has 40 watts’ bulb will support you for light and it cover the glass fixture. Two modes are there- one is summer mode and other is winter mode. Summer mode should be clockwise and winter mode should be anti-clockwise.

The Westinghouse 7876400 has three blades with high-speed airflow 2,897 CFM. The lifetime warranty steel motor comes with a dual capacitor and has the three-speed option (high, medium and low). The fan uses the 53-watt energy without light and you can get 55 CFM per watt for airflow efficiency.

You can also use it as a low ceiling fan or high ceiling fan, just adding a long extension down rod. Installation book makes it easy to install and very smooth installation. Its surface might be 100 square feet (10 *10), but when your room big, it’s not perfect for you.


  •  Model: 7876400
  • Airflow: 4,083 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 51 Watts Without Light
  • Airflow Efficiency: 80 CFM Per Watts
  • Blade: 3
  • Size: 42 inches


Hunter builder deluxe 53091 ceiling fan is a great traditional design with the mind-blowing wind. Whisper wind motor gives you a powerful wind for your room. You can change the reverse running motor with the 3-speed mode. It has two 60 watts’ candelabra incandescent bulbs which you can change with a pull chain on or off. You can get the best values with modern design and have a balancing light kit.

Its hanging height is 17.9” and 5 blades will transfer your room stylish. You get 2” and 3” rod which gives you the best ceiling fan for your room and also get low sound. You can wire the light bulbs and fan with different switches.  The fan includes the light kit with toffee glass. The five-blade has the 12-degree pitch optimized for the best air movement. The motor delivers the airflow 5,110 CFM with the 64-watt cost.

The Hunter fan has also the pull chain for quick and easy on/off and speed adjustment. The reversible motor allows changing the mode with downdraft mode during the summer and updraft mode during the winter. The fan does not come with remote but you can buy a remote separately.  It comes with candelabra incandescent bulbs that deliver the small yellow color light.  But you can change the bulbs with LED bulbs.


  • Model: 53091
  • Airflow: 5,102 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 67 watts without light
  • Airflow Efficiency: 76 CFM per watts
  • Blade: 5
  • Size: 52 inches


Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan is a five blade walnut finishing blade and maximum airflow distribute in the room. It captures 20 ft. by 20 ft. in the room and multi-capacitor gives you the best airflow with changing a reversible blade. It has flush mount installation for low ceiling and looks very beautiful.

The high-performance motor gives the best air movement and airflow 4,670 CFM. It is great for a small room and gives the most airflow to your room. I think you get the value with compare to price.


  • Model: FBA_AL383-BN
  • Airflow: 4,670 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 60 watts without light
  • Airflow Efficiency: 76 CFM per watts
  • Blade: 5
  • Size: 52 inches


Harbor Breeze 807421 Ceiling Fan is a well-decorated fan for its color and size. You can see the picture for a better understanding. The remote control system will be an advantage you for on or off for light or fan. The high capacity motor has three modes for air flow. In the middle, you will get one bulb which is covered by frosted glass. I recommend you, it places on the top of the sofa. Two side airflow executes maximum air wind.

The fan allows the 3-speed mode to maintain the speed with your comfort level. It includes a remote control that you can operate anywhere from your room. The 44 inches mazon fan gives the best motor speed which allows 4,545 CFM. It is a great fan for 100 square feet room.

The fan includes a matte opal glass light kit and one 18-watt LED bulb. The well-decorated fan has also a reversible mode which allows to continue airflow during the summer and also during the winter.


  • Model: 807421
  • Airflow: 4,545 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 18 watts
  • Airflow Efficiency: 57 CFM per watts
  • Blade: 3
  • Size: 44 inches


Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial Ceiling Fan gives you the most airflow in the room. The very high-quality metal blade gives you the best airflow but it very risky for children room. Because of its speed so much high and it covers the room 225 square feet. This fan is usually used in industrial site but you can also use it for residential or commercial.

The fan must be hung over the 10 feet from the floor. The manufacturer gives you the 15-year warranty for motor and 2 years’ warranty for other parts. The best airflow ceiling fan has 3 three durable blades and designed for commercial, industrial and larger residential space. It provides the best airflow up to 7,105 CFM. But it does not have the reversible option. You should set up the ceiling above 8 feet.


  • Model: 7861400
  • Airflow: 7,105 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 60 watts
  • Airflow Efficiency:113 CFM per watts
  • Blade: 3
  • Size: 56 inches


Kensgrove Ceiling Fan is the best for its size, blade size 72 inches and also a nice decoration. It has 8 blade and maximum airflow efficiency is so much high than any other fan. 16 watts LED light will help you with lighting for your room. If you have a large room, you can choose this fan, very much cost effective and huge air efficiency. It also has a handheld remote control system which helps you control the fan speed and light high or dim.

The 8 weather resistant maple blades increase the airflow up to 10,484 CFM for maximum cooling. It has a dome style light kit with frosted opal glass and 14-watt Samsung LED light creates the white light. It has a lifetime warranty for motor and an energy efficient DC motor with 9 speed. The ceiling fan is best for ballroom and also the industrial purpose.

It includes a remote control that allows operating independently the fan and light. You can use it in  outdoor for maximum use and it also wet rated.


  • Model: YG493OD-EB
  • Airflow: 10,484 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 33 watts
  • Blade: 8
  • Size: 72 inches


Hunter Ceiling Fan (Builder Plus) is casual and traditional ceiling fan and using this fan in indoor only. It has 3 LED bulb which power capacity is 8 watts and covered with swirled marble glass. Pull chain is a smart opportunity to the switch on or off. You can have adjusted with the ceiling in three position- low, standard and long down rod. The installation process is so much easy but speed is lower than any other similar types of fan.

The fan is designed for a large room up to 485 square feet. It allows reversible airflow and has a 3-speed option. The pull chain allows the quick and easy on/off and speed adjustment. The 5 blade hunter builder plus has a lifetime motor warranty and has three 60-watt candelabra incandescent bulbs. You can change the bulbs with LED light. But there is no remote control with the fan box. The well-designed light kits also included.


  • Model: 53239
  • Airflow: 5,049 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 60 watts
  • Blade: 5
  • Size: 52 inches


Westinghouse 7224300 Ceiling Fan (Small) is a small fan and it is very popular for exact location or sits fan. It’s perfect for the very small room and energy usage is so much low. It has six blades with airflow 2039 CFM and just 24 inches’ blade size. Two LED bulb is very efficient for a small room. The Westinghouse 7224300 fas the 24-inch gunmetal blade which brings the contemporary style for your room.

The six reversible blades increase the air movement up to 2,039 CFM. It includes two beautiful candelabra lights. The good quality motor has a lifetime warranty. The fan has also dual capacitor which provides the quiet air movement. In the winter season, you can operate it clockwise to create warm air for your room. The air movement is suitable for 80 square feet small room. It is more suitable for the kitchen.


  • Model: 7224300
  • Airflow: 2,039 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 31 watts
  • Airflow Efficiency: 67 CFM per watts
  • Blade:  6
  • Size: 24 inches


Minka Aire F844-DK Ceiling Fan is a modern well designed, distressed koa body. It has 3 distressed koa body and very smooth fan. The LED bulb gives you warm, dimmable and bright experience with handed remote control. You can set up with a standard ceiling and you can also set with your choosing down rod. It has reversible switch gives you warm wind for winter and very cool water in the summer season.

The 52-inch blades are more beautiful for its wooden design. The motor gives the more airflow up to 6580 CFM. The fan has an integrated dimmable LED light and creates more stylish for your room. It has a 3-speed remote control to operate the light and speed. It looks more beautiful for it distressed koa finished blades.


  • Model: F844-DK
  • Airflow: 6,580 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 65 watts
  • Blade: 3
  • Size: 52 inches


Emerson Ceiling Fan is a super fan for its placed to set wet location accepted. It has weather resistance blade which gives for warm or cool wind in the summer or winter season. The six-speed mood gives you advantages for increasing or decreasing the speed. It has 50 watts’ mini candelabra halogen bulbs and you can control it with remote for dimming or blighting the room.


  • Model: CF152WW
  • Airflow: 5,393 CFM
  • Energy Usage: 46 watts
  • Airflow Efficiency: 88 CFM per watts
  • Blade: 3
  • Size: 52 inches



At first, you confirm, what is your budget? Different prices have got a different quality fan or different sizes or air flow. If you choose your budget then you select the ceiling for your best in your room. You can differentiate the ceiling fan with your budget.


When your intention can be choosing the budget then you choose your location. You can set the fan in your room or kitchen or drawing room or hall room or any other place. Location is very important in determining what kind of fan needed. The place can be wet or a dam or in the middle of your room.


The ceiling fan is not the same sizes, it may vary 14 inches to 84 inches. At first, you estimate your room size. Room size can determent by room wide and room length. If your room is 144 square feet (12 ft. by 12 ft.). Then you can determent the ceiling height, it can low or high or standard. Then you can select the blade size. If ceiling height is longer than standard ceiling height, you should purchase a down rod.


Airflow and air efficiency is the most important part of your ceiling fan. The motor can determent airflow and air efficiency. At Energy Star consider this requirement, airflow needs 1250 CFM for low speed, airflow needs 3000 CFM for medium speed and airflow needs 5000 CFM for high speed.

Comparison Chart of Airflow and Air Efficiency

Blade SizeRoom Size ( Square feet)Airflow (CFM)Air Efficiency
Under 42 inchUnder 1441000-3000Under 60
44-50 inch144-225
60 – 80
Over 56 inch225-400
Over 62 inchOver 4005500-1300090- 120


Controlling is important for your operation. There are three types of controlling system- remote control, wall control and pull chain. The remote control system is so much easy for fan control. If you sleep on the bed, you can operate. This range may be 20 to 50 feet from your fan. The remote control is ideal for a bedroom. The wall control is ideal for the kitchen or dining room or trailing space. This system’s range should be 40 feet. Pull chain is a basic control system, you can change control to upward or downward of the pull chain.


Room size can vary and ceiling height may be varying. But you should determent the size of the room and ceiling height for your ceiling fan. The room may be big, medium or small. The length of the blade should be increased with your room size.  The ceiling height might be 8 inches to 12 inches but it depends on your room’s height. Why? The normal room height is 9 feet or 8 feet.  ceiling height is very high, your downrod must long.


Electricity efficient fan decreases your electricity bill and you can see the watt size of your choosing fan. If you want long-term thinking, you should consider the efficiency of electricity. You should know the fan weight to know the energy cost. Every fan has the energy cost.


In every fan, different types of light should be included. Three types of light are there like- LED light, Florescent, and Halogen. The LED light gives you the best light for your room. It’s life should 50,000 hours’ span life. Florescent give you proper light with 75 percent energy efficient bulb and lifespan is 10,000 hours’. Halogen is 15 percent energy efficient and lifespan is 1,500 hours’.



Hunter is an old traditional brand for ceiling fan history. This company is more than 130 years old American company which maintain the latest trend and continuous improvement. Their ceiling fan is much efficient and stylish and also a super perfect blade.


Westinghouse is also a well-known brand for the ceiling fan industry. They produce traditional and modern fan for our modern life. The Westinghouse ceiling fan is very sleek and powerful.


Hampton Bay is a lighting and ceiling fan company which wholly owned by Home Depot. They manufacture different types and styles of the fan in the USA and Canada. Their ceiling fan is more popular based on his time period.


Minka Aire is an American electrical product manufacturer who is good in the fan industry. They have some popular ceiling fan which is elegant glace, traditional, timeless styles. They maintain architecture recommendations like the indoor and outdoor fan is quite different.


Harbor Breeze is an electrical item importer and store brand of Lowe’s. They are not the manufacturer; they import ceiling fans from China. Their store is more active; you can contact them before purchasing.


Emerson is a brand name whose business in a different sector. They are first introducing with the alternating current electric motor in 1890. They produce energy efficient ceiling fan and more importantly, they are 125 years old fan manufacturers.


There are many ceiling fan manufacturer or importer in the USA. But most active companies are- Kensgrove, Hubbel, Litex, etc. They also produce a different traditional quality full ceiling fan.



A screwdriver is needed for installing a screw with the fan. Medium size screwdriver is needed for installation. The screwdriver works for screwing and unscrewing the screw in a fan or from a fan.


Pliers are used for cutting wire for installing the ceiling fan. Pliers are mainly a small pincer for holding objects or blending a wire.


Wire Stripper is a handheld device that is used for removing the isolation from the electric wire. Some wire is there which is cover with isolation, removing the isolation with this device.


A drill is a device that is used for making holes in any place in any material for locking with a screwdriver. A drill is needed for holding anywhere to install a ceiling fan when needed.


The ladder is needed for setting a fan with the ceiling. Ladder size depends on your ceiling height, if the height is long, the ladder should be long.


Step-1: Turn off Power at your Circuit Bracket

Step-2: Assembling the Ceiling Plate

Step-3: Removing the Shipping Box

Step-4: Attaching the Grommets to the Blades

Step-5: Assembling the Fan Motor

Step-6: Hanging and Wiring

Step-7: Assembling the Blades

Step-8: Assembling the Lights

Step-9: Installing Glass Bowl


When you want to use a ceiling fan, you get many benefits from a ceiling fan. At first, you get a room which very windy and cool. The ceiling fan increases the décor of your room. But you have to select a stylish blade in a suitable color. Blades increase your room beautiful. Some blades are stainless steel and some are plastic and some are wood.

The ceiling fan is the substitute of air condition or both are used in the room. The ceiling fan flows the air all around the room and circulates the refreshing air in your room. You can custom your fan like down rod size, blade size, speed, controlling with remote and many other things.

If you are using a ceiling fan, you get the low energy bill for the ceiling fan. It has a low energy bill than the air conditioner. You can both use for your comfort and refreshes. I think both should be used in any house.

The ceiling is normally environment-friendly and it is not creating any defect for the environment compared to AC. A ceiling fan does not create any warm or cool gas which is affected the environment. It just delivers air and wind.

There is a functional benefit using the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan should be used in winter and summer. In the summer, you can move the blade clockwise and in winter, you just rotate. There are some models that have this function to reverse the blade which delivers the hot air to the down.

You can choose a different style blade which is increased your room lucrative. There are different styles and materials blade in the market. There are three types of blade-like aluminum, steel, plastic, and wood. The blade has a different style and color. You can choose the blade with your place. You can also the LED light kit for better decoration. The LED light kit has different models and design which is very lucrative for your room.

A ceiling fan is very user-friendly that means you can switch on or off from a remote or with apps. You can’t imagine, you can control the fan from a long distance like from your office. You can cut off the energy bill.

A ceiling fan is not only for indoor or bedroom but also you for outdoor where AC is not applicable. In outdoor where it needed a cooling air but there is no option for setting the air condition. You can set the ceiling with different blade size depends on your outdoor size and people.

A ceiling fan can be given cool air or hot air but it increases the air in your room which refreshes the room. The airflow can be moved around the room efficiently.

 Types of Ceiling Fan

Chandelier Ceiling Fan

The chandelier ceiling fan is the combined fan where light and fan works both. Actually, this fan is the best option whose have not any place to set the light and decorate the room.

Vintage and Rustic Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a decorative item when it is not used as a cooling system, it uses only for decoration. When your vintage place is fulfilled with the modern air condition, the ceiling fan is replaced to rustic décor.

Belt Driven Ceiling Fan

The belt driven ceiling fan is the first used fan in the century. The fan is operated by a belt and a motor, the motor is set on the wall. The belt pulleys the motor then the fan should be worked. Today, this old and unique type of ceiling fan is not used in modern times.

Modern Ceiling Fan

The modern ceiling fan has the best option to operate and have the best design which increased your room lucrative. You can choose the fan with your furniture.

Outdoor Ceiling  Fan

The outdoor ceiling fan has the extra moisture with a suitable down rod which is capable to handle your place for cooling and wind.

Other Ceiling Fan

Remote Control  Ceiling Fan, Dual Ceiling Fan, Low Ceiling Fan, Large Ceiling Fan are the fan which is available in the market.

Using the Ceiling Fan in winter

You can use the ceiling fan in the winter because of its functional use. You just rotate the clockwise. The blade gives the warn wind for your room. When winter has come, you need to create a room temperature high. You have two options, one is a heater and another is the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is more cost effective than a heater like 15% less. But you have known, how to rotate clockwise. In the modern ceiling fan, there is an option on the remote for rotating. If you don’t have remote, you just look at toggle switch below the blade. Just change the switch.


Is a bigger ceiling fan better?

Is a bigger ceiling fan better? The answer is Yes or no. Why? It depends on your ceiling height, room size, number of the blade and fan CFM. How to measure how much bigger ceiling do I need? In general, I think the bigger blade size is better for airflow of any room. If your room is not a normal building, you have to discuss it with an expert.

If you have a normal room like 300 square feet, you needed a 56 inches fan for your room. Ceiling height is 8 inches may be the best space to carry the ceiling fan. The number of the blade is available 2 to 8 in the market. If you have a bigger room and you want to use a ceiling fan, you may choose an 84-inch blade size and a number of blades are 8. You can try to buy a ceiling fan that flows the wind of your room in the corner.

Does ceiling fan size matter?

Does ceiling fan size matter? Yes, it matter. In the last paragraph, I say fan size depends on your room, ceiling height, number of blades and fan CFM. You may need a ceiling fan that provides the wind in the last corner of your room. When you search for ceiling fan review then you can see, most of the writer says only for indoor but not for outdoor. If you want to set the ceiling fan for outdoor, you must buy a big ceiling fan. But how much big should you buy? It depends on your place size and ceiling device. But you may buy a small ceiling fan for the bathroom and kitchen.

why ceiling fan has 3 blades?

There are many ceiling fans which have three blades but you can see there are lots of ceiling fan which have more than three or less than three blades in the market.  If you search for a ceiling fan blade, you can see 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 blades ceiling fan.

Why blades are needed for a ceiling fan? Because of its airflow. The question is that is it airflow depends on the quantity of blade.  Airflow depends on five-factor like blade shape and size, blade pitch, RPM, motor size and height of the ceiling fan. , not exactly the number of the blade.

When you get a different number of the blade, you can the different angle like this.

Number of Blades



360 degree
180 degree
120 degree
90 degree
72 degree 
60 degree
51.43 degree 
45 degree


Fewer blades are less cost and more blade increase the energy bill


Fewer blades are less weight and more blade increase the total weight of the ceiling fan

The most important thing is the blade length. The most ceiling fan has three blades because of balancing, cost and tradition purpose. The more blade increases the fan weight and reduced the RPM of the motor. Two or three blades are considered the more balanced fan. When it is more balanced, it takes fewer energy bills and creates the best airflow.

Why ceiling fan running slow?

When you have a ceiling fan and you will see some problems sometimes. The most usual question is that why ceiling fan running slowly? If your fan is used for many years, or newly used, you see the four-issue for running slow a ceiling fan. In four issues, two are mechanical and the other two are electrical. The mechanical issues are loss of bearing lubrication and poor blade balance. The two electrical issues are a bad capacitor and damaged winding. In general, you change the bad capacitor with a good capacitor. The other three is needed as an expert for improving the ceiling fan speed.