In Every Home, there are septic systems for disposing of the waste. When you have septic systems and some problems are arise in the long run when you use it. For your solution, we recommend reading the article about “Best garbage disposals for septic systems”. When you face the problem you need a garbage disposal which grinds the waste with a very high flow of water to the end like septic systems.

Why you trust us? We analyze the different types of brands and models and then we review the product named garbage disposals. So keep reading with us.

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Top 10 Garbage Disposals for Septic Systems

1. Insinkerator Badger 5, 1/2 HP

Insinkerator is a well-known brand for manufacturing the garbage disposal, actually, We prefer the brand for the device. They Manufactured four types of horsepower garbage disposal. These are called ⅓ HP, ½ HP, ⅔ HP, and 1 HP.

Insinkerator Badger 5, ½ HP is the best choice for garbage disposal for septic systems. Why it is best garbage disposals for septic systems? If you use the Insinkerator Badger 5 every day, you don’t have face any problem in near future.

Is it suite for your septic systems? The answer is yes. Because of its size, weight, water flow speed and the capacity of grind chambers. The weight of the garbage disposals is 13.6 lbs, height is 12-⅝ inches, width is 6-5/16 inches, water flow speed is 30 CFM and capacity of grind chamber is 26 oz.

Secondly, the size of drain connection is 1-½ inches which may be suited with your septic pipe. You have to enjoy or no tension about the septic systems when you connect with the Insinkerator Badger 5.

You have to know the information about InSinkErator, the invention of the garbage disposals is 1927 and the inventor of the garbage disposal is InSinkErator.

The device is manufactured in the USA and assembled in the USA. The installation of the device is very easy and time need for installation is less than 30 minutes.

You have also got 2 years warranty for the device. The including parts of the package are InSinkErator disposal 5 garbage disposal, stopper, discharge tube, flange, gasket, hardware, jam buster wrench, and an Installation book.

The value, the price is unbeatable

Easy to install

Two years warranty

Safe for septic systems

Longevity is high

It creates some noise

Sometimes it leaks with water

The power cable is not included.

2. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal

After the review of Insinkerator Disposal 5, We review the Waste King legend series 1 HP garbage disposal. Waste King is also suitable for a septic system.

Before you buy, you have to know about the technical aspect of the garbage disposal. The power of the disposal is 1 HP. The pipe of the drain connection size is 1 to 0.5 inches. The high-speed motor has a magnet in the motor and the speed is 2800 RPM.

It is the best garbage disposal for grinding the waste things. It is also compact and durable garbage disposal. You have got a power cord for installation.

The installation process is very easy for its easy fitness. You don’t have to need any plumber or electricians for installation. You can watch the installation video on youtube.

You have got lifetime limited warranty for home. There is no need for cleanness for your garbage disposal. But we suggest you for purchasing from the manufacturer of Waste King.

When you want to install with a septic system, you have got safe septic systems for your home. It is made of stainless steel and mount system is the EZ system. The best advantages of this disposal are very quiet and soundless.

Jam-free for operation

Lifetime mechanical warranty

Septic tank friendly

Easy to install

Spanish is put on the waste

Some parts are not covered by warranty

3. General Electric GFC520V 1/2 HP Feed Disposal

Now you have an idea about the two branded or model garbage disposals. The 3rd one is General Electric GFC520V ½ HP Feed Disposal. General Electric or GE is a well-known company for electric items. This is also safe for septic systems.

GE Garbage Disposals have a strong magnetic motor which speed is 2800 RPM. In general, 2800 RPM is good enough for ½ HP garbage disposals. This unit is very much efficient for grinding the food waste to small parts.

It is made by stainless steel with no jam which helps to maintain the quality. The height of the garbage disposal is 12.5 inches and width is 5.5 inches. The weight of the device is 8.9 lbs.

The grind chamber capacity is 27 ounce which helps for grinding faster. It has angel fin pumps which help for clear your drain forcefully. You can dispose of your waste without taking more space.

You don’t have tension for installation. You can watch the installation video on youtube. When you buy the product, you will get a direct cord for power. There is no enough requirement for installation.

The price is competitive for your product. You gave a price and get great value for your product. When you operate the garbage disposal, you have to need to flow some water and switched on for 25 seconds.

You have 2 level pre cutter

Direct cordless power

Noise level is low

Removable splash guard
Sometimes you have a need for expert

1 year limited warranty

4. Kitchen Aid Garbage Disposal

Kitchen aid is also a well-known company for garbage disposal. They produce a high-quality product for their consumers. We talk about the ½ HP garbage disposal. It is good enough for septic systems.

The motor is efficient and speed is 1725 RPM for cleaning the drain line. The height of the garbage disposal is 11-⅜ inches and width is 6-⅝ inches. The weight of the device is 14.15 pounds.

You have to need to buy a power cord for the connections. It is quieter than any other garbage disposal. But it depends how much decompose the waste you are.

You have got a limited one year warranty for the product. But the device longevity is high. Every house owner should use the garbage disposal for his septic systems.

5. Waste Maid 58 Economy 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer

Waste Maid is a company which manufactured the garbage disposal like Kitchen Aid. Waste Maid waste disposal is safe for use in septic systems. Do you need cheap garbage disposal? If yes, this is the best for you.

We reviewed 10 models and analysis the 25 models and brands, we can see that Waste Maid is lowest price garbage disposals in the garbage industry in the same horsepower. You also get the two years warranty for the main device.

The height of the disposal is 16 inches and width of the device is 7 inches. The weight of the disposal systems is 8.95 pounds. It has an attached power cord and has a permanent magnet motor.

The motor is made of stainless steel and has a great grinding chamber. The grinding chamber is so much efficient. The overall look is good and they have maintained the quality stainless steel for his product.

The waste maid garbage disposal is incorporate 2600 RPM speed which is good for any septic systems. The tremendous speed, the heavy metal body has a long life for your modern life.

Suitable for septic systems

The motor is high quality
Grinding chamber is long

The installation process is not breaking down

6. InSinkErator ¾ HP Food Waste Disposal

InSinkErator ¾ Hp Food Waste Disposal is a very powerful disposal and service are very smooth. Before we reviewed the ½ HP InSinkErator garbage disposal but now we discuss the most powerful disposal for disposal industry.

The most attractive thing is that the sound of running disposal is 40 percent quieter than the nor garbage disposal. It has two grinds parts which have difficult work to easier.

The weight of the disposal is 18 pounds, the height of the device is 16.2 inches and the width is 10 inches. But it is prohibited for California state of the USA. In fact, you have got the 6 years warranty which is quite higher than any other disposals.

If you want a high power garbage disposal and need low sound, we recommended for you. You can not believe that it is extremely soundless. You can set with septic systems without any thinking.

The auto reverse system is really nice for septic systems. Keep in mind, you have to buy the power cord for this disposal. It is strong enough for removing the long or strong waste like the leg of the chicken.

Extremely soundless

Longevity is very high
Price is high

7. Whirlpool GC2000PE 1/2 hp in Sink Disposal

Whirlpool Garbage Disposal is well-known disposal which has used the modern technology for grinding the waste. The speed of the disposal is more enough and there is no jamming or waiting for running.

In general, food is decomposed in the drain without any pause and reduced with the flow of water. When you buy this product for using, you have got a 1 years warranty.

The installation process is easy, you have to watch the video on youtube. Just search on youtube for the installation process. It is affordable for its price. The big advantages of the disposal are similar size and shape to the old unit.

When you make a decision for purchasing disposal, you have to know, why you buy the Whirlpool garbage disposal. There are three points – quite, powerful and easy to install.

No Jam

Easy to install
1 year warranty

8. InSinkErator Excel Evolution 1 HP Garbage Disposal

We review already seven models with the different or same brand. For the InSinkErator brand, we reviewed two models – ½ HP and ¾ Hp. Now we review the InSinkErator Excel 1 HP garbage disposal.

If you read the article fully, you can see we discuss a lot of technical overviews, pros, cons, and other advantages. If you want to take all the advantages and remove all the disadvantages of garbage disposal, we recommend this product.

Before we discuss the motor, running sound, motor speed, grind chamber capacity, warranty, installation process, height, width, weight and power cord. You have got the full package from this product.

Most important is sound, there is no sound problem in the device. They use Soundseal Technology for ultra quiet performance. The height of the garbage disposal is 13-½ inches, weight is 20 pounds. It has a most efficient grind chamber which enabled 40 EZ for best.

When you buy the product, you get the 7 years in home warranty. The best warranty is ever. The motor is very powerful 1 horsepower dura drive induction motor. It also has three stage of grinding and the excel is equipped with a jam sensor circuit.

If you buy a most productive and powerful garbage disposal, InSinkErator Excel 1 HP is the best option for you.

Ultra Quiet

Most powerful, most productive

3 stages grinding system
Price is high

9. Waste King Legend Series 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal

We already reviewed the same brand but different model ½ HP garbage disposal. Now we introduce you the Waste King ⅓ HP model for your septic system. It is good for small family’s septic system. It is perfectly set with your septic tank without hesitations.

Since Waste King is the same brand just models are different. Some technical difference is there. The motor is a powerful magnet with jamless and speed are 1900 RPM. You have got a power cord and there is no electrical expert needed.

The weight of the disposal is 7.5 pounds. They used the EZ mount for quick and easy installation for the kitchen sink. It is activated by a wall switch and easy to run the garbage disposal. You get 2 years limited home warranty as after-sales service.

This is also decreased the electricity bill for your home. It is suitable for any sink and the value of the product is very competitive.

Cheap price

Compact design

Too Small unit

10. InSinkErator Badger 1, 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposer

InSinkErator Badger 1, 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal is good enough for small family septic systems. If you have two family members, you can buy this product.

The grinding chamber speed is 26 oz. and the motor speed is 1725 RPM. The height of the Badger 1 is 11-3/8 inches, the width of the device is 6-5/16 inches and the weight of the device is 14 pounds.

It has 3 bolt for quick grinding the waste and also gets a 1-year warranty. In this package, there is no power cord for your power connection. You have to buy a power cord from Amazon.

InSinkErator Badger 1 provides a convenient and environmentally conscious about the device. It is very easy to install the device and you can watch the video from youtube for installation.

Quite and less electricity need

Small device, easy to install

Suitable for small family
Single grind stage

Does't come with power cord

Best Garbage Disposals for Septic System (Buying Guide)

What is a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal is a device which is normally electrically operated which helps for grinding the food waste. It is normally used in joint of the pipe in the kitchen sink or septic tank. In General, 20-30 percent of food is wasted in our home and some are going into the sink pipe. But some are not gone into the pipe which blocks the line. It helps for not blocking the line.

Why use a garbage disposal?

When you have faced a problem with waste on a septic tank. You need to take action for a solution. The solution is the garbage disposal.

Why you need garbage disposal? At first, you have to know how does work the garbage disposal? The garbage disposal chews up the food scraps which fed down the drain with heavy water flow.

When you use it, the garbage disposal works for heavy water flow within the drain in the septic system. If you use every day, there is no problem face for your septic system. If you do not use the garbage disposal, you have to face expensive plumbing and drain cleaning in the near future.

Are garbage disposals safe for septic systems?

I think you already know about the garbage disposal for your septic systems. When the issue comes on our face for safeness, it should be a clear idea about the garbage disposal works.

The use of garbage disposal is very safe. It works with faster the flow of water which remove the waste of the drain and ends on your septic systems.

Do Garbage disposals work with septic tanks?

In small answer, yes. Garbage disposals work with septic tank and very much efficient for your septic tank. When you have a septic system, it ends up to your septic tank. You can use the garbage disposal for your septic tank without any hesitations.

Best garbage disposals Brands


InSinkErator is an old renowned company, established in 1927. They have just invented the first garbage disposal and make a company. When we discuss the garbage disposal, InSinkErator is the market leader and also first introduced the garbage disposal company in the world.

Garbage disposal is invented by a famous architect John W. Hammes. It is first introduced by InSinkErator. In 2006, In-Sink-Erator changed the named InSinkErator and they are the market leader in the garbage disposal or garbage disposer industry.

Waste King

Waste King is also a well-known company in garbage disposals industry. When we analyze the garbage disposals, we can see that Waste King garbage disposals are the most reviewed items on Amazon and Walmart. I clear my personal thinking, the waste king may be the second largest company in the industry.

They manufactured different models and different powerful motor. They have many authorized dealer in the USA. You can see on just search Waste King.


KitchenAid is a company established in 1919, owned by Whirlpool Corporation. We write 2018, already 99 years old company in the home appliance industry. They produce some quality models because I love some models.

They were first introduced as a brand name for an electric standard machine by Hobart Manufacturing Company in 1919. There any many problems faces but they continue their operation in the long run. They delivered a good after-sales service.


Whirlpool is a company which disburses trust in your mind. The company is 106 years (Established in 1911) old for creating home appliances and many other things.

Whirlpool garbage disposal is produced quality and advanced technology product.


General Electric is a famous American company and especially famous in the electrical sector. They have established in 1892, 16 years old company in the USA. They also produce garbage disposal for a septic tank. We discuss GE Garbage Disposal before. They produce hundreds of product in an electrical item.

How to Choose a Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Systems?

When you decide you want to buy the best garbage disposal for septic systems, you have to know some criteria for great disposal. What is the best garbage disposal for you? It depends on your thinking, your home septic systems, and affordable price. Now we discuss the specific criteria which you should consider for buying decision.

Size of the Septic Systems

You have to know the size of the septic systems. When you make a house, you need a septic system. But it depends on your family members. If you have a big family, you also have a big septic system. But you have a short family, your septic system may be small. When you know the size of the septic system, You have to easy to analysis a garbage disposal which suits you.

Grinding Capacity

There are different capacity grinding unit. Some have 26 oz, some have 27 oz, 17, oz or 40 oz. Do you have to know what capacity do you need? If you have a big septic system, you have to consider big grinding capacity such as InSinkErator Excel 1 HP.

Power of the Motor

Now you need to consider the size of the motor. If you have a big septic system, you need to prefer 1 HP motor. But you have a medium size family, you may be considered ½ HP motor for your septic systems.

Brands or Model

We review different brands and different models in our discussion. Now you need to consider the best brands for you. We recommend InSinkErator or waste king for the brands but you can change for you need. You make to a purchase to take value. But one thing, brand, and models are important for quality, longevity, and warranty.

Noise Level

Noise is important for your daily life, noise makes your life boring. But you have a solution to remove the noise. I choose the InSinkErator 1 HP for ultra quiet sound. You can choose another model for low sound. But it is less important than quality because it uses sometimes a day.

Power cord, height, width, and weight

In some models, there is a power cord included but most of the models don’t give you the power cord for their package. You also need to know the height, width, and weight of the garbage disposals before buying a garbage disposal.


Warranty, you need to consider before buying a garbage disposal. You should know which company are good for after sales service. Some company gives a warranty for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 7 years. But you should know which parts are or are not included with the warranty. What warranty do they consider? It varies company to company.

Drain Connection Size

Before you buy a garbage disposal, you need to consider the drain connection size of the pipe. Most cases, the size of the drain connection is 1-½ inches. But sometimes it varies.

How to install a Garbage Disposals?

When you buy a garbage disposal, you need to install the garbage disposals. It can vary model to model but basic steps are same. Now we discuss how to install the garbage disposal step by step.

Step-1: Switch off the power and take tools

At first, you disconnect the power switch of place. Now you need some tools for installation. These are a disposer wrench, a power cord, a screwdriver, a hacksaw, plumber’s putty, mounting ring and drain fitting and also a new garbage disposal.

Step-2: Wire connection with the disposal

Some disposal has a wire connection and some don’t have a wired connection. You need to connect the wire with disposal. The wire should be connected under the disposal.

Step-3: Connect the drain flange and mounting ring

Now you have to connect the drain flange and mounting ring. At first, you go under the sink and drain flange connect with mounting ring. You need a screwdriver for the patch. You attached the three things under the sink and tighten the screws with the screwdriver.

Step-3: Screw the drainer and mount the disposal

Now you attached the drainer pipe to disposal with screws.

Mount the disposal under the sink.


Step-4: Connect the P-tape

Now you attached the small pipe with the garbage disposal.

Step-5: Check the disposal

You start basin with water check all pipes. If it is ok, you now start the disposal.


For your best, we recommend the brands InSinkErator garbage disposals for your home. What HP garbage disposal should I get? It depends on your size of the family members. If your family members are two, you can select ⅓ HP or ½ HP but you have more family members you can choose the 1 HP for your best.

If you have any question about garbage disposals, please comment on below. If you are an expert, you can also deliver a suggestion for us.