Respirator for drywall dust is a device. It is used to protect the user who is wearing it from inhaling all the particulate matter. It can include different type of stuff such as vapors, fumes, gases, and different microorganisms. There can be a different kind of respirators for drywall dust, mostly two that I heard of and used too.

The first one is the air purifying respirator. It is mainly used to filter the contaminated air through the use of a filtering element. The second one is the air supplied respirator. This one focuses on delivering an alternate supply of fresh air. Since there are two categories. Both use different methods to play their roles.

They both use different techniques to remove the contaminated air for the wearer. If you do not know the term respirator, you must have heard of the terms “gas mask” or “dust mask.” These terms are also used for the respirator. If you need some respirators for yourself, there are plenty of cheap respirators for drywall dust available on the Amazon that I used and get amazing satisfaction from using those. Those cheap respirators for drywall dust are as follows:

1. DEWALT DPG82-11


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This product is a kind of an elastic band you can refer to. The basic use of this goggle is to protect against debris and dust. This goggle is a dual mold too. The bonus part of this google is that it also protects against the thick fog.


  • It has an elastic cloth that provides a comfortable wearing it on the head using a head strap.
  • It has great resistance too.
  • Tough protection against stuff scratches too.


  • They fog too quickly.
  • They can get hazy and can also get scratched in spite of the facts being provided that it can not be due to its good quality lens.

2. Debrief Me Military Grade N99 Mask

Debrief Me Military Grade N99 Mask

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This mask is one of the best products that I used. It is made of cotton and has a very good quality too. It can be used to protect you from dust for hiking, sporting, running and there can be a handful of reasons where they will be very useful for you to use these.

This mask will protect you from all kinds of dust particles. The bonus part of this is that it is also very useful during climate change. When the weather changes, it can help you then too. It is like a natural field.


  • The great features it has that it is very comfortable in wearing.
  • It acts as a natural shield, and it is also very helpful and be useful too when the climate changes.


  • This product is not NIOSH approved. If you have a bushy beard, it will not do any good. Your face can get hot while wearing it and it will not be a good thing when it is hot.

3. GVS SPR451 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator

GVS SPR451 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator

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It is also one of the good product that I experienced. It is quite different than the rest of the products in the market. The wearers of this like this product a lot and I bought it just because of this very reason. It is quite comfortable in wearing too. It will not interfere with your glasses or anything that you may wear.


  • It is quite comfortable in wearing and breathing.
  • The design of this product appeals to the customer a lot.
  • Also, it comes in two sizes like small/medium or medium/large which can be a bonus.


  • The major disadvantage is that it is California’s Proposition 65 which means that it can cause cancer. This mask does not filter any organic components such as carbon monoxide, pollutants, chemical vapors
  • It can get a little comfort while wearing it for a long time.

4. 3M 8511HB1-C-PS Sanding and Fiberglass Valved Respirator

3M 8511HB1-C-PS Sanding and Fiberglass Valved Respirator

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Another product which I experience is this one. It is quite good for breathing easily and comfortably.


  • It is quite good for heat reduction. It is also NIOSH approved.
  • It is quite good for easy exhalation too.
  • Convenient to use.


  • Some of the bad things I got to know about this product was that it is also California’ Proposition 65 which means as mentioned in the last product it can cause cancer.
  • It is not that comfortable in wearing.
  • Also, it can get a little too much for your face.

5. DCM Particulate Respirator N95 NIOSH

DCM Particulate Respirator N95 NIOSH

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A respirator filter that focusses on health care too. It helps protect you and your lungs from harmful chemicals like dust particles, fumes, gases, and chemical vapors. It protects from all this stuff that can lead you to serious health problems. It is quite high in demand too, and I get it after waiting for a long while.


  • It is good to reduce heat, so you do not feel hot while wearing it.
  • It is also light-weight and comfortable in wearing.
  • It focuses on your health care too


  • They can get ineffective quick.
  • You still feel hot even if they mentioned that it remains cool by exhaling.
  • They are not eyeglasses friendly too


The overall experience of these products is pretty good as per the users of these products. For whatever is available in the market the ones we reviewed for you are one of the best you can have to fulfill your needs.