Do you want to buy a tool belt for your home? If you are a hobbyist person for storing the tools as a carpenter or roofer or electricians, you need a tool belt for work. “Best tool belt for homeowner”, the review will help you to make decisions to take the tool belt and you can choose which tool belt is perfect for you. So keep reading.

It has 17 smaller pocket hold pliers and eight main reserved nails out of total 27 pockets. This is made by double-layered 1680D Ballistic Nylon.


    • Model: 51452
    • Material: Ballistic Poly w/ Top Grain Leather
    • Weight: 4.51 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 27
    • Waist Size: 29”-46”
    • Number of Handles: 2

2. CLC Custom Leather-craft 1614 Tool Belt

CLC Custom Leather-craft 1614 Tool Belt is super quality polyester for easy carrying tool best. It has adjustable suspenders which is your best comfort. 20 pockets will deliver small and big tool and it has 3” padded belt which is single roller buckle.

Easy access for an open main pocket for carrying tool and available waist size is 29-46”. But it is the best product for commercial not for residential.


    • Model: 1614
    • Material: Polyester
    • Weight: 4.8 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 20
    • Waist Size: 29”-46”

3. Occidental Leather 8089 Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 8089 Tool Belt is the best leather tool belt for carpenters. But it has no suspenders. It has maintained best leather and has 22 pockets you can use. It has only for a right-handed person but if you left handed you can choose another bag. If you work in the water, It is not for you.


    • Model: 8089
    • Material: Leather
    • Weight: 4 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 22

4. Ox Tool Belt

 Ox Toolbelt is an oiled tanned leather-based tool belt and riveted for added durability. It is best for long time work for every day and it has a long lasting life. Three inches pouch give you for fastener bag and also for using three inches hammer. Other things.

It is well furnished antique finishing and looks beautiful. Pouches are well secured and reduce chances for scratching the surface. Its only available for the right-handed person.


    • Model: OX-P263804
    • Material: Leather
    • Weight: 3.5 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 22
    • Finishing: Antique, Bronze finish hardware
    • Waist Size: 29”-46”

5. Tradegear Electrician’s Tool Belt

Tradegear Electricians Tool Belt is made by 1250 denier Duratek nylon and reinforced with bar tack stitching. It has air channel ventilation for backside comfort. If you work as an electrician, you can choose it. It has 9 big pocket and others are small and also sufficient space for tools.


    •  Material: Duratek Nylon
    • Weight: 4.15 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 27
    • Waist Size: 26”-52”

6. Bucket Boss 55135 Mullet Buster Suspension Rig

Bucket Boss 55135 is a poly fabric tool bag which is made by 1680 heavy duty poly fabric. It has specific 5.5” phone pocket like iPhone 6. A great suspension for a chest which is very comfortable for chest. It is very popular for electronic work.


    • Model: 55135
    • Material: 20% POLY; 10% FERRIC; 15% PP; 45% PVC; 10% EPE FOAM
    • Weight: 5.55 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 29
    • Waist Size: Up to 52”
    • Bag: 3

7. Dewalt Tool Belt

Dewalt Tool Belt is designed for farmers and fabrication by Polyester. It has 20 pockets and zippered pocket which is best for a phone holder. It has 3 point suspenders and 5” padded belt. Stylish pocket gives you extra capacity.

There are many small pockets which are used for pencil, knife, nails etc.


    • Model: DG5617
    • Material: Polyester
    • Weight:4.8 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 20
    • Waist Size: 29”- 46”

8. Magnogrip Tool Belt

Magnogrip Tool Belt is black color and fabricated by ballistic polyester. It has 20 pockets and also many small pockets which gives you small tools. It has a built-in cell phone holder and a great suspender.

Magnogrip 002-610 is a well fit for you and highly recommended for construction workers. It is also used the home dryer.


    • Model: 002-610
    • Material: Ballistic polyester
    • Weight: 4.55 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 20
    • Waist Size: Up to 48”

9. Ergodyne Tool Belt

Ergodyne 5707 Tool Belt is gray color belt and It has 14 pockets with hammer loops. Its applicable for heavy duty and high durability. It waist size is extendable 28 to 52 inches. It is very easy to on or off from the body.


    • Model: 5707
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 4.55 pounds
    • Total Pocket: 14
    • Waist Size: 28- 52”

How did we choose for the best tool belt?


The pocket is the most common for a tool belt. If you work heavy and need many tools. More pockets give you a great advantage and also for a specific pocket for specific tools.


The material is used for making a belt. It needs for your work which types of work you are doing. There are many types of materials like polyester, leather or cotton.

Waist Size

Waist size is more important for body consumption. When you buy, you can see it.


Some tool belt has suspender and some have no suspender. It will be supported with your chest.


You can watch the weight when you buy. Some has highly weighted and some are light weighted.


Comfort needs when you work for a long time or every day.

Quality and Durability

Most of the leather belt lifetime is 8-13 years and most of the polyester belt lifetime is 7-12 years.

Types of the tool belt

There are different types of tool belt you can see. Some are Carpenters Tool Belt, Painter Tool Belt, Construction Tool Belt, Mechanics Tool Belt, Craftsman Toolbelt, Electricians Toolbelt, Plumber tool Belt, Roofer’s Tool Belt, Glass Cleaner Tool Belt.

Why Need Tool Belt?


The tool belt is considering for securing mind in the work, not in the tool. When you work in a place, different tools should be needed. When you get the tools in one place, your attention to work must be increased.


When you will get all the tools in one place like in tool belt in your body, your time may not be wasted. After working or before working, your time should be saved.

Misplace Tools

There is no possibility to displace the tools. Your tools are in the tool belt and when tools needed, you work with tools and then you keep the tools in the same place.

Decrease Back Pain

It may decrease your work systematically and decrease your back pain. Because you have not needed the same tools for different work in the same place.

Systematic Tools

All tools are situated in a systematic way as you need. You can arrange the tools top working tools for less working tools. This looks very beautiful.

How to wear a tool belt with suspenders?

Step-1: Buy the best quality belt with multiple pockets

Step-2: Keep the tools which you need

Step-3: Keep the most important to less important

Step-4: Don’t a lot of tools when climbing

Step-5: Use it with suspenders with your chest