As far as man becomes modern, he introduces new technologies working efficiently and speedily than human. Same as it is security cameras have taken the place of security guards. People tend to be modern and want to handle all mess ups via technologies either it’s a matter of security, billing, shopping or anything else related to the basic needs of their survival.

Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are used for a surveillance system in which various built-in features help in detection, recognition and alarm generation, etc. security cameras always remain on top priorities in the ever-increasing threating world attacks.

Even people have made their houses safe and sound using CCTV cameras and controlling its motion from their mobile apps and can be rotated in multi-dimensions to get a clear visualization. Always look before choosing the cameras either for homer protection, office or shopping mall, etc. important featured that one should keep in mind while going for surveillance embedment and these are given below:

  • HD video quality
  • vision at night mode
  • tilt, pan, and zoom in function
  • how it can be controlled either through a mobile app or through a remote
  • weather resistant or not

Different Types of Security cameras

Outdoor cameras have been introduced in the market in different shapes and categories and colors.

Wireless security cameras

Batteries are used in it that must be recharged after a fixed period. These cameras can be easily installed even can also monitor scenes when embedded at some hidden places. A lot of wireless cameras don’t have night vision property.

Wired security cameras 

These type of cameras requires professional installation at a fixed place with a huge setup.

DIY security camera

DIY cameras connect to modern technology getting or giving online updates automatically.

Night Vision Feature Of Home Security Systems  

CCTV cameras assist individuals who have embedded security systems in their houses, offices or organizations to determine whether it is night or day there. This happened because CCTV cameras can cover long-range Infrared variation vision even at 100 ft or 190 ft. People use it to protect their backyards, Gurage where the parking area is allotted, garden side and anywhere which they think that this place should be safe for their convenience.

Reason: only those cameras possess night vision capability or flexibility which varies in infrared variation. Some small LED built-in the bulb is fused within the camera structure, and these are set around the less it looks like. IR light is invisible to human but it appears to those who have set up the security IP cameras, and IR cut filters are being used to determine the daylight and avoiding the light that falls on the image sensor.

Security cameras including CCTV cameras can see at night if their night mode capability is turned on, LED glows when a stream of light falls on object and pictures are captured automatically if there the place is full of darkness though.

Night Vision Categories

Black & White Vision

All security cameras capture video footage in black and white color. There is the reason behind black and white vision, and this is because of a human eye can differentiate between black and white colors rather than shades or different colors. Cameras with 4Mp or 5Mp mean images or videos can be captured or save in HD crystal screen.

Coloured Night Vision Mode

Security cameras with night vision capacity have black and white vision mode by default. It can be changed into colored mode via settings. For setting first access your cameras, open setting tab and in vision mode press on colored vision.

Factors Defining How to Select Night Vision Featured Base Security Cameras

It might be confusing one while selecting the security cameras. How one will get to know about the night vision features of cameras. It depends on four factors that are explained below.

1. Quality Of The Image

Security cameras that may have night vision mode capture images in the black & white or in the colored scheme too. Black and white suits best as compared to the colored footage concerning the quality or pixels adjustment of the images on zooming in. For colored vision starlight image sensor is being used and it depends upon its manufacturing cost and quality that how much efficiently capture the image in colored patterns.

2. Storage Space

Black and night vision has fewer features to be occupied as compared to the colored vision for which large space is required to be stored. If you want to save your space, then black & white seems best.

3. Night Vision At Longer Distance

Black and white night vision mode has more capacity to discover or identify things that are far away rather than a colored one. For example, if you have installed CCTV cameras at the back yard and things can be differentiated placing at 100 meters away would be more beneficial to the user because at this point colored vision fails.

4. Price

This is the most necessary or essential point to be discussed while looking for the night vision security cameras. Starlight image sensors predict colored vision and these become costly rather than black and white detection. Whenever step out for security cameras must ask about its starlight sensors. It becomes costly just due to the starlight sensor quality, brand and pixel values.

 Where Can Night Vision Cameras Be Installed?

Night vision detecting security cameras can be installed in different scenarios like in an enterprise handling different departments, hotels, restaurants, resorts, living rooms, driveways front yard of the house, backyard of the garden, passages in front door of either hospital, school or house, at the entrance of a store or a shopping mall.