What is Circular Saw?

A circular saw is a power saw which cuts the materials (wood, plastic or metal) using a round flat blade. The circular saw cuts wood plastic or metal depends on the blade. It may spin with the table or handheld.

There is a different option in a circular saw like adjustment of hight/depth, an arbor nut with a blade, trigger switch, and guards to protect the operator. A circular saw allows cutting the wood, metal or plastic for the carpenters, cabinetmakers or craftsman.

It has sharp metal teeth which cut the wood smoothly. You may cut the wood, plastic or metal, it depends on the blade. They are designed to create bevel cuts and allows the adjusting the height and width.

The circular saw is designed at the end of 18th century but the modern design come at 1813 by Tabitha Babbitt. If circular is handheld, you may choose the right hand or left-hand circular saw with your requirements.

Types of Circular Saw

There are many types of the circular saw. But we get the three types of a circular saw which is most used. These are a worm drive circular saw, hypoid drive circular saw and sidewinder circular saw. Typically craftsman is used to the circular saw.

Sidewinder Circular Saw

Sidewinder circular saw is circular saw where the motor is used in line with the spinning blade. As a result, the blade spins quickly lie 6000 RPM. There is also a great advantage for the right side blade of sidewinder and weight of the tools is on the left. I think you have a clear idea when you get the specifications-

  • Right side blade for the corded models
  • Lightweight
  • Higher RPM
  • Lower Torque
  • Side motor position Best for softwood

Wormdrive Circular Saw

The wormdrive circular saw is a saw which power transferred to the blade with a pair of gears which oriented with 90 degrees and gear reduces the speed. It is nearby 4500 RPM. Wormdrive typically gives more torque. It generally longer from sidewinder circular saws. Some characteristics are given below-

  • The motor behind the saw
  • Reducing the motor size
  • Less noise
  • Higher torque
  • Not requiring oil

Hypoid Circular Saw

A hypoid circular saw is a mixed type saw like wormdrive, some things are similar to the wormdrive. In this saw, you can see motor behind the saw, different transmission, and gearbox, spiral bevel gear. It improves the boosting power, blade contact, reducing the motor size and noise. Some characteristics are given below-

  • The motor behind the saw
  • Reducing the motor size
  • Less noise
  • Higher torque
  • Not requiring oil

So what is different between wormdrive, sidewinder, and hypoid circular saw. Most people generally used wormdrive circular saw. But I think it depends on many other criteria. Are you left handed or right handed, mostly sidewinder is left handed and wormdrive is right-handed. Which are you prefer? I think it depends on your preference, style, and application.

How to sharpen circular saw blades by hands?

When you continuously use the circular saw, somehow blades are injured over the time. You know, they are not immortal, they will blunt when it uses more. The solution is that blade must be sharpened with hand or specifically by diamond file.

You must consider safety issue because it is very risky work. But you have a great passion with tools. You should try us and down the strokes. It may be around 20-30 minutes to finish the sharpening. Be safe and enjoy.

Are circular saw blades universal?

The answer is no. But I think, if the blade is universal, most of the user are satisfied. But not universal. Different material has specific blade size, teeth, and count. If you want to cut metal, you need to specific teeth and count.

There are different types of metal like iron, aluminum, steel. If you want to cut the wood and metal, you should use the different blade. Because small teeth with higher count are used for general metal and more than larger teeth with fewer count is used for wood.

But you can cut all types of wood with the same blade. When materials are changed like iron, steel, tiles, plastic or aluminum, you should and change the blade for specific blade. You need to know which blade is suitable for specific materials.

Can circular saw cut metal?

The question is so basic. The answer is yes. But you have to know which blade cuts the metal. Generally, carbide tipped abrasive cutoff wheel is used for non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, aluminum or lead. The metal used circular saw is 10 times longer life form wood cutting saw.

Higher tooth count is best for thinner metals and lower tooth count is best for thicker metals.

Who invented circular saw?

The modern circular saw is invented by Tabitha Babbitt in 1813.

What are the best circular saw brands?

There are many brands for making the circular saw. Some company made the good circular saw. But you should decide which is perfect for you. Some company names are available below.

  • Hitachi
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee
  • Ryobi
  • Genesis
  • Skilsaw
  • Bosch
  • Dewalt
  • Rockwell
  • Porter Cable
  • Skil

How many amps does a circular saw use?

How many amps use the circular saw, it depends on their manufacturer feature. It varies brands to brands and model to model. Most of the circular saw use 15 amp. But it may use 8-15 amps.

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