Do you want to cut wood or metal or plywood? But how? You need a saw, but you have to know which saw is perfect for the cut. If you are cut a small part like under 3-½ inches, you can use the circular saw. Dewalt is a reputed tool manufacturer who is established 1924 in the USA and manufactured over 200 power tools. Dewalt DC390B Circular saw is one of them.

Dewalt DC390B circular saw is a great saw for the homeowner. You can handle with the lightweight saw to cut the best plywood. This tool is great who wants to try fast cutting the plywood or lumber. Dewalt DC390B has a 6-½ inch blade which enables o cut very fast. It is used 18 volts to operate the circular saw.


Materials: Magnesium Shoe
Voltage: 18 V
Type: Carbide Tipped Blade
Motor Speed: 3700 RPM
Blade Diameter: 6-½ inches
Power Type: Cordless
Weight: 6.3 lbs.
Bevel Capacity: 0-50 degrees
Depth of cut 45 degrees: 1-⅝ inches
Depth of cut 90 degrees: 2-¼ inches
Dimensions: 10.5 x 16 x 8.5 inches

Efficient and Lightweight

Dewalt DC390B is a little and very lightweight circular saw. It is designed for light duty home project. It’s weight only 6.3 lbs. You can adjust the blade depth with quick and easy without tools.

It has a rubber grip handle for comfort and dampening vibration. Its compact design allows balancing to the user with facilitating easy maneuvering. Dewalt DC390B has a compact size to enable decreasing space to store.

Durable Design

Dewalt DC390B is a robust and 6-½ inch carbide tipped blade which uses the 18-volt electricity. It is made with magnesium shoe and upper guard which increases the durability. In fact, you got the best little size dimension 10.5 x 16 x 8.5 inches. For the coolness, it has cooled motor with replaceable brushes. It enables the highly mobile cutting task.

But they are not given to you the battery or battery charger with this package. You need to purchase a battery and charger. I recommend you to purchase a lithium battery for Dewalt DC390B circular saw.


Make sure you no less than two batteries to start the project.

Fast Rip Cut and Crosscut

It gives you the fast cut for rip and crosscut. It enables to 2x cutting to lumber. Some circular saw has not many cutting capacities. But it has two different angle cutting. In 90 degrees, it cuts 2-½ inches depth and in 45 degrees, it cuts 1-⅝ inches. Most important thing is that its bevel capacity 0-50 degrees. The motor speed is 3700 RPM that means the blade spin so fast.

Multiple Uses

Are you a DIY enthusiast or homeowner? Do you work for your home? You have to cut wood, plywood or many other things. Dewalt DC390B is very user-friendly for a steel roof, roof, crawl spaces, and roofers. For its lightweight and cordless, you can work on the roof in your house.

When you cut the plywood, typically your cutting scrap on the right and cut piece on the left. Besides, you cut the materials and finished to stop spinning in a small time. But one thing you should know, it is made for the home project not commercial or business use.



It is the best use with Plywood, wood, and lumber.

Branding and Supporting

When you need trust with a company, it may be Dewalt for any tools. They are capable of any quality product to their customer. They have different product in the tools industry. You have a great opportunity to occurs as the older units to replace with instead of new large units. I think, there is no circular company to give the opportunity.

Pros and Cons

Very much lightweight and portable, best for roofers
Cutting 2x lumber with 90 and 45 degrees
Cordless circular saw
Quite and efficient
Quite and efficient
Does not include battery
Does not overly drain when cutting
Not best for commercial use

Our Research and review

When I research on Dewalt DC390B, I see the specific things you should know. I research the tools on eight criteria. These are quality of the product, use of the product, durability, review of the product, cutting feature, price, and warranty. You can see, I gave some score for particular criteria. You can see, ou score is 96% or 4.8 out of 5.

Research on Graph

  • Quality of Product 96% 96%
  • Uses of product 90% 90%
  • Durability 100% 100%
  • Review of product 94% 94%
  • Cutting Feature 95% 95%
  • Price 93% 93%
  • Warranty 91% 91%



Big giant Review

You can see the others review of people who already buy the product. They give their opinion after buying the product or after use the product. Low’s review and Dewalt review are in here.

Why You Buy Dewalt DC390B Circular Saw

Why you buy Dewalt DC390B circular saw? A big question! In our research, we recommend this product for three specific criteria. First, Cordless, portability, and weight give you more advantage. Second is the use, you can use it for plywood, lumber, wood and small wood. The third is replacing the product after your purchase with another model.


Dewalt DC390B 6-½ inches is the perfect solution for your home project. The product is so lightweight, cordless, ability to work anywhere, and super fact cutting capacity in the different angle. Although it is a bare tool that means you don’t receive any battery or charger. Moreover, you can buy this product without hesitations.

If you have a question about the Dewalt DC390B, you can comment below.