First aid was adopted in ancient Rome. The term First aid was used in 1870 by Prussian Military Surgeon “Friedrich von Esmarch.” First aid was familiarized during the battlefield; however, now has a place in ordinary lifespan. With time methods, techniques and terminologies have changed the same principles nonetheless have been mooted as the aim of applying First aid:-

  • To preserve Life
  • To prevent the injury/illness
  • To promote healing

Work needs carefulness while doing as accidents take place at any time at any stage of life. So, you have to be aware of safety precautions. First aid kit helps you to meet the initial recovery requirements at the time of the incident. That kits are placed everywhere at populous cities, hanged in public buses, at offices and schools, etc.

In this study, we will discuss some of the Happenstance, major factors of accidents that occur due to negligence and how you will deal with it. Before we start, you have to acquire knowledge about first aid kit and their items & medicines.

Items of First Aid Kit

  • Plasters
  • Dressing / Gauze
  • Triangular bandages
  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tweezer
  • Surgical Blade
  • Wipes for cleansing
  • Sticky tape
  • Antiseptic cream

Above mentioned items are necessary for the First Aid kit. Although, it contains much more items that are not compulsory at the initial stage. However, every single thing in the entire world has their worth to be used efficiently.

Expiration Date

Everything has an expiration date in the entire world. Similar to the law of nature, in medical field items and medicines have their expiry date. Medicines will expire typically, 3 to 5 years from their manufacturing date. First aid kit may have no expiration date placed/engrave on it. However, medicines and items comprise by kit will expire according to their manufacturing date. The first thing to ensure before using it is to take a review of medicines and items placed in the kit by seeing their expiration date before handling any emergency.

* Care should be taken to remove medicines and items prudently later by the expiration date

Items To Be Replaced

Some items like Cotton gauze may last for years. Other items like bandages and medical tape may need to be replaced as the sticky latex can weaker with time. Scissor and surgical blade lost their value if they were dull. To check the compatibility, cut a piece of gauze twice with single and folded thickness.

Road Accidents

According to WHO abbreviated as World Health Organization (WHO), 1.26 million people were injured in a road accident, i.e. one person per second. Furthermore, the latest WHO data published in 2017 shows the deaths occur on road accidents in Pakistan reached 27,081 or 2.22% of total deaths. Following steps should be following to help victims of Road Accidents.

Look Over The Scene

You have to quickly notice how many vehicles are involved in the accident and how many peoples are injured in the accident.

Emergency Service

After assessment of the accident, call emergency service to get help for the victims. Tell them about the accident place and statistics of victims as the information given by you will help them to manage the situation as per the requirement of victim’s statistics.

First Aid Kit

Check For Danger

You have to observe the accident scene secure for you by seeing the leakage of fuel, explosion, and fire, etc.

Do Not Put Yourself As A Professional

If the injured person unconscious than you have to help him by First aid kit to prevent the outflow of the blood. Conversely, if the person is conscious, then you have to ask him first before helping him. If he accepts your offer, then go for it according to your expertise.

Avoid Moving The Victim

You don’t have to move the victim unless you see fire or explosion that is life-threatening to that person if he is out of danger and injured than do not move the victim because some injuries are not visible and may have an impact on victim’s body.

Examination of The Victim’s Breath

Breathing is a necessity for any person’s life. If a person is unconscious, then you have to check airways to ensure the person is breathing properly or not. If he is suffering from indecorous breath than you have to give basic life support called “CPR” (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to the victim. This is also called “Hands-only CPR” or “Compression-only CPR.” CPR is an effective method to provide life-sustaining blood circulation that focuses on the victim by providing effective chest compressions without providing breaths.

* Method

Overlap your hands in such a way that a fold is made and put on the center of the sternum and extend or open your rescue arms and continuously do compression almost 90 times a minute.

Administer Aid

If the victim has injuries that require bandaging, splinting broken bones, the most important thing is to calm down the victim of the accident.

Why You Need A First Aid Kit

We hear all the time about injuries, and we don’t have a First aid kit to help the victims. There are some reasons why you should get your First aid kit:-

When No Responder Available

Sometimes accidents have occurred in deserted places where no one will reach for help to the victims.

Blood Loss

Some serious injuries involve blood loss. You have only a short time to stop the bleeding. Having a First aid kit will help you to tackle the worst situation.


Sometimes kids are disobedient, and they are getting hurt by cutting or burning on their skin. To avoid the red-hot situation. First aid kit will help you a lot.


You have to prepare yourself to deal with any emergency. It can be possible if you have comprehensive training and drill to grab the situation. If you are stuck somewhere and you have no idea what to do then let someone else deal with the situation or wait for the emergency service.