Cameras are the most used device nowadays. People love to take their selfies and pictures through cameras and can easily capture beautiful moments through it. Cameras are not only used to take selfies or photographs, but they are being used to monitor different activities like for catching the culprits. So for this purpose wireless cameras are used.

What is Wireless Camera?

Wireless cameras are closed-circuit television that transfers a wireless receiver a signal through a radio band. Some wireless cameras have cable for power while on the other hand, some are battery based wireless cameras. These cameras are becoming famous day by day in modern society due to its low installation cost.  These cameras have the convenience to access. There are two types of wireless cameras, mentioned below

1. Analog Wireless Cameras

 In this camera frequencies of radio is used to transmit the video and audio signals. It has different types of frequencies, and it’s mostly used cameras nowadays. One of the benefits of this camera is it’s less costly, which means anyone can easily afford this camera. You can create a wireless network with the help of this camera because it facilitates you with multiple receivers.

2. Digital Wireless Cameras

In this high bandwidth, radio signals are used to transmit the video audio analog signal. There are many different benefits of using this camera that has the quality of video and audio. You will have two-way communication that takes place between the camera and the receivers.  You can transmit commands like you can make the light on and off. Only one device can facilitate multiple numbers of receivers.

Uses of Wireless Cameras

These wireless cameras are becoming famous nowadays. Just because of its cost-effectiveness many consumers is purchasing it and using at their homes. There is no tension of installing wire and then to install the camera. The wireless cameras are so convenient that you don’t need your owner permission to install the camera. These cameras can use for surveillance too like one can monitor small things like swimming pool.

Another benefit of this camera is that you can transmit a signal from one building to another. If you have any types of animals that are living in a different building from yours then with the help of these wireless cameras you can monitor your animals.

Many law agencies use these cameras. As we know that the crime rate is increasing day by day so to deter the crimes these cameras are installed on a different location and monitored by the governments. Recently in New York City, a large number of cameras are installed on the streets to reduce the number of crimes in this city. Not only that many convenience stores are also using these cameras for safety. People are using these cameras in their homes to keep monitoring their family members and keep them safe from any harm.

Wireless cameras are flexible. You can change their settings and can move from one place to another without being worried about the wire. Installation of this camera is really easy like you can place them anywhere and monitor whatever you want to. Another benefit is its less costly that anyone can afford it for security.

How to Detect Wireless Camera

Well, wireless cameras are used for safety, but on the other hand, these are used as hidden cameras in different locations. Some different and easy ways to detect wireless cameras is as follows.

Scan the Environment

The first and foremost things to detect wireless cameras is to scan your environment carefully. If you are detecting the indoor cameras, then there is a most common place used for hiding the cameras that are smoke detectors, bookshelf, and decorations of walls, lamps and tissue boxes.

Use Your Cellphones to Detect

First and the most important thing is that surveillance cameras mostly interpret with your signals of cellphones. So if you are any room make a call, if there is interpretation in your phone call then that means there are some cameras hidden in your place.

Mirror in Your Room

Most of the time cameras are hidden in mirrors too. So to find out them there is the easiest way for them. Put your finger and focus on the gap between the mirrors. If there is any gap between your finger and the mirror, then there is no camera hidden in the mirror, but if there isn’t any gap, it means that’s the camera.

These are some of the steps to find out the wireless camera; now the important thing is what to do when you find out the hidden camera or a wireless camera.

  • Don’t move the camera from its original place
  • Focus on changing the position of the belongings that are in the view of the camera slowly without giving any clue that you know that there is a camera in your room
  • Call nearby police station or the authority if you are living or staying in a hotel room.

Final Thoughts

So these are some of the ways to detect wireless cameras and how to deal with these problems. Nowadays it’s a very common issue that these cameras are hidden in some of the workplaces. Always be active when you are doing something important may be someone is monitoring. Don’t be afraid of anything and report to some authority about it. These wireless cameras have a large number of benefits, but on the other hand, it’s used by most of the people negatively. The modern world has brought us all the good and bad sides and it’s obviously a primary concern for an individual or company to have top security.