An adjustable wrench is a tool where has an open-end wrench with a movable jaw, used for tightening or loosen the nuts or bolts. The adjustable wrench is also called the adjustable spanner (UK and most English speaking country) or crescent wrench or shifting spanner (Australia). The adjustable wrench is invented by Richard Clyburn in 1842. There are many many people involved in developing for modern adjustable wrench like Edwin Beard, Enoch Harris, Johan Petter Johansson.

The adjustable wrench has three parts- an adjustable jaw, worm screw and the handle with the fixed jaw. You should buy an adjustable wrench where the handle grip is included. When you want to know, how to use an adjustable wrench, you should care about the safety issue, how it works and positioning to set with the nuts or bolts. Do you know how to use an adjustable wrench?

How to use an adjustable wrench?

How to use an adjustable wrench

Step-1: Identify the bolts or nuts and keep in hand the adjustable wrench

Step-2: Open the jaw to adjust with the bolts. When it open enough for the nut, place the head of the wrench to the nut. Turn the worm screw to adjust tightly around the nut.

Step-3: When you want to tighten the bolt or nut, you should turn the wrench clockwise until the nut tight enough.

Step-4: When you want to loosen the bolt, you should turn the wrench with counter-clockwise.

Step-5: Remove the wrench when your tightening or loosening well enough.

Adjustable wrench safety

  1. Use the quality adjustable wrench
  2. 2. Keep the handle of the wrench parallel to the work surface
  3. Keep the movable jaw in left and fixed jaw in the right
  4. Never use a hammer
  5. Do not use where has electricity, when you use and make sure switched off
  6. Never use the damage wrench
  7. Keep the wrench clean and keep the place in a secure place when work finished

Uses of adjustable spanner

An adjustable spanner plays an important role to join the two parts with nut or screw. You can use the adjustable wrench in different places like home improvement project, plumbing, furniture joint, and vehicle or automobile work. If you have a toolbox where an adjustable wrench must be included. When you have an adjustable wrench, you have to know the uses of an adjustable wrench.

1.Home Improvement Project

Do you want to create a home improvement project by own? You need some tools for the project like a hammer, plus, screwdriver, drill, knife, staple gun, tape measurement, etc. An adjustable wrench is one of them. Why you need an adjustable wrench for the home improvement project? You shall know, there are many products in the house like a garden hose, bathroom fixture, kitchen instrument or kitchen selves where you have need to set the product joint or tightening or loosening the bolts or nuts. If you want to tight the showerhead, you must need an adjustable wrench.

2.Adjustable Wrenches for Plumbing

When you need to install or repair the bathroom pipe or sink pipe, you need an adjustable wrench for tightening or loosening the nuts. Every plumber must carry an adjustable wrench when they go for their work. For example, a plumber will come to a house to repair the bathtub and kitchen sink. Before he comes to the house, he doesn’t know about the bolts’ size. Somewhere need a small wrench and somewhere need a large wrench. If you have an adjustable wrench, you can work easily to adjust the size according to the bolts.

3. Furniture Install or Repair

If you buy furniture, you will notice many pieces need to join them. An adjustable wrench is needed for installing or repairing furniture. At first, you don’t know the size of the bolt when you want to install or repair the furniture. You have two options- one is you keep carrying the 20-15 wrenches or you just carry an adjustable wrench. Without an adjustable wrench, you can not join them without difficulty. If you have a bed, sofa, showcase, word drop or tables, you must need an adjustable wrench for installing or repairing the furniture.

4.Vehicle Repair and Auto Mechanic

If you have a vehicle like a car, cycle or motorbike, you need an adjustable wrench. When you want to change the wheel of the vehicle, you must need an adjustable wrench for loosening or tightening the nuts. However, you need to carry the adjustable wrench with the vehicle because you can the tire when the tire will become puncture. Every mechanic should have an adjustable wrench. An auto mechanic most provably uses the socket wrench and wrench box. But they also need an adjustable wrench for small use to repair the car.


When you have an adjustable wrench and you must know how to use the adjustable wrench safely. If you have a house and you maintain it by own, an adjustable wrench is must needed. Besides, the best adjustable wrench is needed for plumbing, furniture assembling, vehicle repair, and home improvement project. A garage mechanic should have an adjustable wrench. But you should use an adjustable wrench safely.