The first question that arises in mind is what welding is? Welding is a process through which metallic parts are joint from the heat in such a way that it makes something productive. This technique was developed to transform metal or iron into different shapes. Welding blades were developed in the first minimum by Arabs of Damascus Syria. There are different types of welding techniques

Forge Welding

In this process, a small piece of iron is joined together to form a larger one. During this process the iron is first reshaped then with given temperature and pressure of hammer is applied to join them together. This is survived as black smithcraft and used for making a chain. In the past in Syria, this was used to make cannons. The forge welding also made the Damascus sword.

Cold Welding

It is a technique in which pieces of iron are joined together without heat is known as cold welding. In this, the pressure was given to join them together.

Friction Welding

In this one, two pieces are joined together with load, and one piece is revolving. This is used for axle casing in automotive industries.

So above mentioned are some of the types of welding technique. You can’t ignore the safety measures when you are performing welding. Clothes should be the most important thing during this process.  Organizations like OSHA are working very hard to impose these safety regulations during the workplace. Life is a very important thing don’t lose it just because of the little ignorance.

When performing welding, there is some risk involved that can cause injury or damage to the person. So for safety reasons the welder wear gloves, glasses, and helmet. Gloves are used for securing the hands of the person, glasses were used so that any rays won’t affect the welder’s eyes and the helmet is used for keeping the head of the person secure from any injury.

As we know that head is the most sensitive part of the body any damage can end the person’s life. So during this process safety is the most important thing to do first.

What Type Of Gloves Do Welder Use?

As we know during high welding temperature is used for reshaping the metals so most insulating gloves you need for that. Controlling such things with thick gloves is difficult. Gloves for welding are mostly thin and are made up of deerskin and pigskin. These skins provide better sensitivity and control. These gloves can help to bear this high temperature without any harm or injury.

What Are Welding Helmets Made of?

A welding helmet is a headgear which is used while performing different types of welding techniques. This can protect your eyes, face, and neck from the burn of a flash. As we know, these are a sensitive part of our body, so for this purpose, their safety comes first. These are mostly used in arc welding technique and can save your retina from any harm. As we know the retina is the sensitive part of an eye any damage can affect your vision.

In many cases, people lost their vision just because of damage through flash during the welding process. This condition occurs just because of emission of ultraviolet and other dangerous rays during arc welding, and that can badly affect your retina.  These ultraviolet rays can also damage your skins causing a sun burnt like skin.

Mostly welding helmets contain a window that is covered with the shade of a lens. With the help of this, the welder can easily see the work. Most of the windows of the helmet are made of tinted glass, tinted plastic, and variable density filter.  These are made from the pair of polarized lenses.


All the helmet are susceptible to damages such as cracks and easily keep you safe from UV rays. These helmets not only keep your eyes safe but also keep your face safe from any UV rays damage.

There is another interesting fact that the person should wear dark clothing. The question that arises in a person’s mind is why only dark color? Well, there is the reason behind it. The clothes you wear during should protect you from sparks of the flames. Dark clothes can reduce the glare you experience under the face shield.

So clothes also play an important role during welding. They’re not merely a color of significance without a reason, it has a safety factor associated.

Importance of Welding

As welding is not for everyone. It’s a very challenging job, and you need to be physically strong for that. As it involved high risk because it has a high temperature and risk of burn on your body due to flash is very higher. It’s a very high level of skills that can be applied to a different number of industries such as construction, manufacturing, gas and even people use for art. So you can easily deal with a wide variety of products.

So the above mentioned is about welding, its safety, and importance. I hope this article will be helpful for those who are working in this field or beginners. Never compromise on your safety. You should focus on your safety first, and work comes after that. It has a huge amount of scope, and more people are working.

Welding has made our life easier in a different way as with the help of these skills you can work in different industries too. You can easily transfer your skills in future into varieties of work. So you should make your career in this field. Don’t waste your time and make your future best in this field of welding.