This article features that what kind of circular saw blades are used for cutting laminate. A laminate is two papers attached by using a specific glue. It is often tricky to handle such material which is not hard enough to handle a blade of more than a specified thickness.

It is recommended only to cut one board at the time as it might not cut more than one properly. If you have sheets, stack them to give a proper base. Before understanding the concept, you need to look deep for the information below. This information could help provide you with an ample base or framework of your work.

What Differentiates Between The Circular Blades?

The circular blades are different from each other even if made from a single type of material; no two blades would be the same. Four characteristics can make circular blades different from each other.

  1. The diameter of the blade
  2. The material of the blade
  3. Number of teeth on the blade
  4. length and size of the teeth on the blade

There could be more than these four differences between the blades if you go deeper but being someone who uses this blade in their garage; the four characteristics are enough to differentiate.

What Kind of A Circular Saw Blade Is Used In Cutting Laminate?

There are different blades used for different purpose. For example, for the cutting of materials like glass or ceramic, the blades with diamond-tipped teeth are used to avoid any uneven cutting. Similarly, to cut a laminate, the saw which has a fine number of longer teeth is preferred.

The traditional way of cutting through the laminate was the hand saw, but thanks to modern technology, a circular saw is used today to avoid any accidents or unfortunate events. The modern circular saw makes the cutting experience more exciting and safer than ever; this is why the use of a circular blade saw is increasing and taking over the traditional way of cutting. The longer teeth of the blade can easily penetrate through the lamination without causing any irregularity.

How To Cut A Laminate Using A Circular Blade Saw?

The main objective is to a laminate sheet properly. Various types of a saw-like table could do it saw, or circular saw with different blades. However, the one with a fine number of long teeth coins the jack. The process is explained in 4 easy steps,

Step 1: Tools

I call it the tools because, at the very first step, all you need to do is gather the tools. Well, you require three tools to be specific, firstly you require the laminate sheet that you want to cut. Secondly, you require a saw with the kind of blade required for the laminate sheet. Blades like 10″80 or 10″36 tooth blades can help cut the sheet.

You can also make the best from 18 teeth 5-1/2 blade. Third and the last thing you require is a tape. If you are not a professional person behind the blade, it is recommended to use a tape.

Step 2: Draw Results

Starting with the tapes, they help in drawing straight lines. But if you are someone who knows how to cut in a straight line you do not need tape. If you are using a circular blade saw you would two options to choose from, one is 100-tooth 5-1/2″ circular saw blade that cuts with a defect, but they can be fixed though.

The quality of cuts is not that great. And you don’t’ really require tape for this blade. However, the second blade is 18-tooth 5-1/2″ blade that cuts terrible and cannot be fixed in any way. So, keeping everything in view, it is recommended to use a 5-1/2″ with 100 teeth to avoid any defects.

Step 3: How To Properly Cut A Laminated Sheet?

Firstly, you need to select the right blade. As recommended a 100-tooth 5-1/2″ would be a better take. Secondly, now you have to keep your hand carefully. The blades are way too sharp to cause injuries. Keep the blade as much low as possible. Keep it away from yourself to use. Do not put the machine on fast mode to get the board done quickly. Keep the saw at a regular pace to keep the workplace tidy and clean.

Step 4: Testers

Well, we added this step to make things easier for you. You have to use an extra board as a tester to test the blade. It helps in keeping the laminated board safe and sound. Also, if you are cutting more than one sheet, stack them over one another to cut them properly. If there are boards, join them all by screwing their corners.

Also, it makes your laminated board stable before being cut. The point is, if you don’t use any tester sheets to check your blades and their performance, there is an ample chance of ruining your board. The top sheet benefits as it prevents the laminated sheet from being chipped off or getting any scars.

Final Thought

Getting professional help from the market could be very expensive. It is better to learn a thing and do them yourself to save more dollars. Things you have to be careful is about handling the blade and keeping it away from children. Above is a sequence of steps or guidelines that could help you to cut your laminated board or anything else you have planned. All you need to do is to get a circular blade saw and start cutting the board.