In 1887, the first dry cell battery was invented by using the paste of electrolyte instead of liquid. After that invention of flashlights soon followed. In 1899, a British inventor named “David Misell” got patent rights. American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company donated some flashlights to the “New York City Police,” who responded positively to them.

Stream Light

A high-quality rechargeable flashlight that includes “stream light Stinger DS LED HL” and “stream light StrionDS HL” models were used by Police department and LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies). Both flashlights have a different specification. Product wise specification is as under:-

  • Stream Light Stringer DS LED HL

The stringer DS LED has been designed for maximum illumination having dual switch flashlight.

  • Stream light Strion DS HL

The Strion DS HL have dual switch technology for ultimate flexibility. It provides maximum illumination with a wide beam. It helps to search for a wide area.


Police officers have a great job to search and arrest guilty people in all manners. The flashlight plays a vital role in the police department. It helps to search the guilty people or to search for something else. It helps in dark outside as well as inside the home, apartment or any other place where to search by its wide range.

The Flashlight as an Assistant to Police Officer

The flashlight helps in different aspects:-

  • At the time of interrogation
  • Writing over the night at the field
  • Searching for evidence
  • Searching for a missing person
  • Diverting traffic at the crime scene

Technology and Usages of Torchlight

Torchlight is a necessary element in police kits like other arms and ammunition. On night duty and searching off-color buildings, Torchlight leads a police officer to their suspect. The flashlight allows a police officer to set according to their necessity by putting it on the lowest setting to light without illustrating the attention of the suspect. Presently, “PowerTac” flashlights are used by USA police.

This is by far the best light they currently use. This includes multi-output 850 Lumen, rechargeable flashlight. ACPD officers are using “MagLiteMagCharger LED rechargeable flashlight with a max of 640 Lumens.FBI statistics say that the majority of violent crime happens in the lights out. Tactical flashlights are usually very bright and are a key factor to succeed in worst situations.

These flashlights have the ability to blind a person temporary over a certain level of brightness.  The hard anodized aluminum can be used for self-defense, you can use it to break windows and faces. Police officers can also use their flashlights in case of an emergency that might a natural disaster resulting light out for rescuing humanity. Some flashlights come with SOS feature which helps to divert the attention of the suspect. Some flashlights like “First Light T-Max” are designed for a special purpose.

It has the feature to free your hands but it won’t mount on the gun. It allows your both hand to hold a gun for better position and shot. This flashlight has the feature to indicate the battery percentage when it is running out. Some of the flashlights are designed to directly mount on handguns. “SureFire X300 Ultra” comes with this feature. This flashlight is ranked at tactical pistol light.

However, some cautions are obligatory to use this flashlight i.e. mount the flashlight accordingly with the actual measures because it will deceive your aim if it is not installed properly. “AimkonHiLight P5s” will fit in all subcompact pistols as well as compatible with some full sized pistols.

It allows the quick release and mount system. It comes with two distinct modes “constant on” and “strobe” in addition to the red laser for aiming purpose. At last but not the least “SureFire M600IB Scout Light”, it works like other mounted flashlights but it has been designed with the latest technology uses an intelligent sensor with a microprocessor to assess the range where the beam is being aimed.


Finding the best flashlight is not that easy. When looking for flashlights, efficiency and reliability are on top priorities — however, the following aspects of being measured before purchase torchlight for the said job.

  • Size Of The Torchlight

Torchlight is a second weapon for a police officer. Medium sized flashlights are good to handle. You can carry easily without any hurdle by putting at your belts and in your pockets.

  • The Material Of The Flashlight

Torch lights made by good material will last over the years, especially with high-quality plastic and hard anodized aluminum flashlights. These flashlights will not oxidize.

  • High Lumen Flashlight

Police job is not very easy. They have to check documents in the dark. For this job, multiple modes of the flashlight with high beam require to do their work efficiently and effectively.

  • Battery

 The flashlight is useless without charging. It is really important to consider the battery of the flashlight before purchase. The second factor involves that must be kept in mind,i.e. rechargeable battery. Buying disposable batteries sucks the budget of the police and law enforcement agencies. One time use batteries are not durable. It exhausts at any time without allusion. So, it is important to purchase a battery durable which lives its useful life over the years.

  • Accessories

 Everything is not disposable and after wear and tear that things required maintenance and replacement of some components that are not working properly. These components are called accessories. Lenses are a matchless thing in a flashlight. The lenses are feebler after some time due to scratches and water which take place during the search in heavy rain, when lenses outlived their useful life than we have to replace it.