A small, portable and handheld electric light is called a flashlight. It uses a lamp or LED (Light Emitting Diode) as a source of light production. A typical flashlight consists of following parts that are packed inside a plastic or metal body.

1. A Light Source

It is used to produce light. It can be a simple tungsten or filament bulb or a diode that can emit light.

2. Reflector

It reflects light and controls the nature of beam,e.g. fixed, focused or adjustable.

3. Transparent Cover

Transparent cover with or without lens: provides the medium through which light passes. Presence of lens can intensify the brightness of the light.

4. A Charge Able Or Disposable Battery

Disposable batteries die after a certain period while chargeable batteries can be charged with electricity by connecting them with a charger of right voltage.

5. An Operating Button

That helps to switch on and switch off the light.E.g. sliders, push buttons and rotatable buttons.

Every part is properly arranged and connected in order. All this setup is enclosed inside a case giving the flashlight a final appearance.

Uses of a Flashlight

As these devices produce light, so the major uses are obvious. It is an excellent tool to deal with emergencies. For example,

  1. During a sudden Electricity breakdown.
  2. Coming home late through the dark street, the flashlight helps you to survive and show you the way. It not only brightens your path but can be used as a defense tool as well. A tactical light can make the attacker blind for a moment if put straight into his eyes.
  3. I am finding something from a dark place,g. under the bed or sofa where routine light doesn’t work.
  4. It is used during night camping in the mountains. Because these areas usually have a poor system of electricity.
  5. Police and Army use it as searchlights.

Properties Of A Good Flashlight

To buy a good flashlight, you might consider the following properties,

1. Lightweight

As flashlights are usually portable and handheld device so these should be light in weight so that we can carry them easily. It should not give extra weight to your luggage if you want to keep it with you during traveling.

2. Battery Type

Either it has a disposable battery, or you can recharge it matters a lot. And what is its battery timing if you need to recharge or replace it every other hour than it’s not worth buying.

3. Light Output

There are various methods to find the light output of a flashlight. The best is to read from its manual that comes along. Buy only if the output fulfills your requirement.

4. Water resistant

You never know you need to use it in the rain or to see inside a water pipe. So better to buy a water-resistant flashlight.

5. Durable

Buy a flashlight of good quality. It should be made of a material that will last long. Especially if you have naughty kids. No one wants to buy a flashlight every month.

6. Grip

As the device is handheld, the grip is an important feature to be considered. Its surface should not be slippery or irritating. Smooth with a firm grip is best to buy.

7. Lumen

It is a unit of measurement in System International. It measures the intensity of light. It is the quantity of visible light. There are different types of lumens depending upon their purpose of use. For example, ANSI lumens measure light intensity in projectors while peak lumens measure the intensity of light in video projectors.

Flashlight with the Most Lumen

LED flashlights are the most common lights these days. These flashlights have more lumens than lamp flashlights. A typical 100-watt bulb has 1750 lumens.

A flashlight is a common tool, and almost every house has one. The flashlights serve not only a domestic purpose but also serve some professional purposes,e.g. Police searchlights, Military lights used by Army and many others.

Depending upon the intended use flashlights come with multiple options when it comes to lumens. If you want to buy a flashlight depending upon the number of lumens in it then following is the top flashlights with most lumens.

1. X70M Acebeam (12x)-(CREE-XHP)

  • It is an LED flashlight, and it has 60,000 Lumens. According to most reviews and claims of manufacturers it is believed to have the highest lumens.
  • Its peak beam intensity is as high as 311000 cd.
  • It has adjustable modes; you can adjust its intensity according to need.
  • There is no flashlight available in the market that has more lumens than X70M Acebeam (12x).
  • It is Chinese made. You can order it online or buy from a trusted electric Amazon.com provides free shipping of this flashlight around the world.
  • It comes in different designs in a beautiful case along with some useful accessories. For example car charger, hexagon wrench, etc.
  • It has rechargeableSony VTC6battery. Charging indicators tell about charging status. It can be charged with AC and DC Charger.
  • Its body is made of aluminum alloy that is why it is durable and water resistant.
  • Its dimensions are 116mmx280.6mmx51mm.It has a handle with it. That is removable. The body design is streamlined — metallic
  • As it uses high power to be operated, a cooling fan is also presenting in it that cools it when heated up.
  • To switch it on click the button once while to switch it off long press the same button.
  • The glass lens is ultra-clear that provides perfect light output without any disturbance.

A lot of jobs and activities require good flashlights with a lot of lumens. We hope this article gave you a proper insight on all the questions you had.