A saw is a tool equipped with blades or chain with strong toothed edges. The process of cutting is to put the toothed edge on the material you want to cut and moving it fast and strong forth and back, with the traditional saw. This force is made by hand, but with the modern saw it is applied with an electric motor, the saw is usually used to cut wood, but it also could be used the cut metals or stones.

Brief History of the Saw

The painting of the old Egypt and pharaoh empire show the saw was made from copper and it is represented as a blade without a handle. The Romans were the first to think about the saw handle, they used a wood frame and fixed it on both extremities of the blade and called it the bow-saw and it was also found in Japan back to the 15th century.

The saw as we know nowadays was invented around 1650, 150 years later in the beginnings of the 19th century almost every house has a saw, usually designed to cut wood for warming.

Recently, the modern technologies affected the saw history and use; there was a huge development in the blade and the design of the saw, so they invented the all-purpose saw that can cut any material you want.

The priorities changed, so the making of saws changed too, the old saw used by our parents was made to last with a strong wood handle, the saws nowadays come with a plastic handle, the most important that it cost less, and it is strong enough to do the task it was made for.

What Saw Cuts Curve?

Traditional Saws

Fellow Saw

It is hard to track the origins of the Felloe Saw but they think the artisans made this tool, it was used to make the curve of the wheels of wagons and it was specifically made to cut the non-straight lines and curves. Some people still use this tool by the principles of refuse using the electricity, and they follow what the ancients used to produce amazing things in the past.

Compass saw

This tool was made specifically to make curved cuts, it is a sharp pointed blade, and it is equipped with strong teeth, and it is used to work in the small places where a large ordinary saw wouldn’t fit.

Modern Saws

Band Saw (Stationary)

This huge tool looks like a table, which uses two big pulleys on the top and under the piece or material you want to cut. Which is usually wood, those two pulleys assure the speed of the cutting band with strong teeth. This tool is recommended especially in cutting curves on the materials, and It could be used for cutting wood, piping, and PVC.

Band Saw (Portable)

This tool is a small portable version of the stationary band saw, can do the same task, and it is more practical if the work isn’t in your garage, it will be harder to make an exact cut than its big stationary brother, but it is extremely useful form plumbers and metalworkers.


The jigsaw tool of the rare saws that was made specifically to cut curves or any not straight line, it is equipped with a strong toothed blade to move very fast and strong up and down,

Scroll saw

The scroll saw is an extremely useful tool no matter you have a big or small garage. It is one of the most indispensable tools that you should get, as the jigsaw. This tool was specifically made to cut the non-straight lines and curves, this tool could be used to cut wood, and it is also useful for cutting plastic and metals. If you are looking for the best scroll saw to buy, the first thing you should check is the vibration and the quality of its table.

Circular saw

If the curve you want to make is not too deep you can use the circular saw, this tool is made from a strong toothed disc, it cut things by its rotation motion, this amazing tool can follow a little bit curved or non-straight-lined, you can use this too with many other materials like plastic, metal …

The Benefits of Using Traditional Saws (Hand Saws)

The hand-powered saw is more easily transported, you can work with this tool outside in the garden or fix something in other houses without the need of wires or batteries, the hand saws are much lighter and smaller than the modern saws.

The human body effort powers the traditional hand saws, so I do not need electricity. Thus I can be used in places where no power supply is around.

The hand saws are much less expensive than the powered saws.

Important Tips before Sawing

First of all, you need to check the material you want to cut, look carefully for the stuck nails in the wood, a nail can cause damage to the blade.

Then, with a pencil mark the line you want to cut on and overmark it again with a kitchen knife so that the blade will follow the line made by the knife on the wood.

Use your weight when sawing, apply pressure on the blade of the saw with your body that will help the process of cutting, thus let the gravity help you with your body weight.

You are going to cut once if you cut a piece there are not step back, so measure twice and again to make sure that you are making the right thing.