Security cameras are one of the best inventions for safety that was available commercially in 1949 for the first time. These cameras provide video surveillance of any place. You can monitor your office, home, school or store while not being there. Easily installable software enables you to monitor through your laptop or mobile.

It is a closed circuit device that acts as television, but its broadcast is limited to specified monitors. You can use one camera or a set of 3-8 cameras depending upon your need.

Types of Security Cameras

There are various types of security cameras, and categorization is done using different parameters. Depending upon How the camera captures?’ there are two types of cameras,

  1. Unidimensional cameras: These cameras capture only one view of the location. You can only watch the front view of the premises where it is installed.
  2. 3-D Cameras: This is an advanced form of security cameras. It records from every side and rotates periodically.

If we talk about sound recording, then there are again two types of security cameras,

1. Video Only Cameras

In these cameras, the voice is not recorded. You can only watch the video without any audio.

2. Audio + Video Cameras

This is the most modern form of security cameras. In this, you can also get the audio of the premises where the cam is installed. Audio sensitivity depends upon the quality of the camera used.

Other types include,

1. Fixed Cameras

Security cameras that are fixed to the wall or with a solid object.

2. Portable Cameras

This is an advanced form then fixed cameras. These cameras can be moved from place to place. They are attached to different objects, for example, body-worn cameras, pen cameras, cameras in glasses and many others.

Major Uses of Security Camera

There are many uses of security cameras, but the major purpose is to serve for security. When you are not around, and you need to keep an eye on a specific location then do install security cameras and enjoy following benefits,

  1. You can observe if there is entering an irrelevant person in your office or home.
  2. You can monitor if things are happening the way they were supposed to happen.
  3. All the employees are present and working.
  4. You can monitor if there is wastage of resources. Or any other unethical activity.
  5. In case there is no one in the office, home or school you can check for electric circuit performance or if an appliance is left switched on by mistake.

Best Way To Install A Camera At Home

Follow the easy procedure step by step. It is better to take help of a professional. If you have enough knowledge and practice, then you can do it by yourself.

  1. Select a suitable location by keeping in mind the purpose of the installation, g. at the main gate entrance or in a child’s room.
  2. Choose a proper solid material to fix the camera like a wall or wooden structure. Make sure it is near the power supply.
  3. Attach the wires and cables in a way that they don’t block the view.
  4. Install the software and connect the camera to your desired device.
  5. Customize the features and make a backup for your videos. That’s it!


Who Needs a Security Camera At Home?

There are multiple reasons that people need security cameras at home. Some of the major reasons are stated below,

  1. Kids home alone: When both parents are working, and they have to leave their kids alone at home or with a baby sitter, mostly they worry about the behavior of the baby sitter with their kids. In this situation installing a security camera is a good idea. You can always see what baby sitter is feeding your child. How kids behave with her and how the overall day goes. You can make a call or rush to home in case of an emergency.
  2. Old fellows: Old people require the same level of care as children do. If there are some old buddy at home and you are afraid they might encounter some accident then again security camera serves its purpose.
  3. Naughty teenager: Parents are never mentally relaxed when they have young teens at home. To monitor who comes to visit your children when you are not at home or to monitor if they are studying you can get a CCTV installed.
  4. Overall safety: It always secures to enable yourself to watch who enters your house — no matter where you are, inside or outside. Sometimes electricity short-circuit occurs when you are not home. But if you are periodically monitoring your house, then you can get alarmed timely and do safety measures.
  5. Paranormal activities: If you are afraid that some paranormal activities are happening in your house, you can take help of cameras to find out what happens in your absence. Well, Ghost is camera conscious sometimes. Beware!

Security Camera Installers

After learning these many benefits of security cameras, you might need to know who installs them. You can find them online or in your local market. Some agencies provide these services online. Tell them your requirement and security level. Their representative will visit you.

Or call someone near your house, buy cameras of your choice and ask them to install. If you have proper knowledge of security cameras, then you can do it by yourself. There are manuals available that describe the total procedure.

No matter how you get it, but once you have got it installed your life will get much easier and safe.