Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal unit or waste disposal unit is an apparatus or device which usually run from electricity and installed on the bottom of your kitchen sink in between the drainer and the trap of sink, and it is used to clear your drains without taking any help from technicians.

It also a very good thing for saving money because when the drains of your washbasin are blocked or jammed due to any reason then definitely you will spend money on plumbers. Earlier this disposal unit mostly used in the houses, hotels, restaurants, bars and many other areas of the united states but now it’s also popular in many countries and people widely using this technology.

How It’s Work

Garbage disposal is used to grind all waste food into small pieces, for this purpose shredding blades are attached inside the unit that breaks the food in tiny pieces and then there is impeller arm and plate force that pulled food particles and water towards down part.

Types of Garbage Disposal

There are basically two types of disposal unit are used. One is the continuous-feed type, and the other one is the batch-feed type. Continuous feed type is the best option for the household because you can put any waste in it and this type instantly start work when you switch on, while on other hand batch feed type take too much time for start working, and it is also expensive than continuous type

Why Garbage Disposal Leak?

If we are talking about leakage than garbage disposal unit can be leaked from 3 places here we are discussing each and also tells how you will fix that problem.

1.Garbage Disposal Leak From The Upper Side

 If your garbage disposal is a leak from the upper side than its sure that the problem arises from the flange of your sink, the sink flange is situated inner side of the sink drain, and it sealed with a plumbing tool named plumber’s putty. Leakage starts from this putty. When this plumber putty become loose or broken, then the sink flange loses their ability to make the tight seal for water.

How You Can Fix That Problem

 You can easily be fixed that problem by re-sealing. In most units of garbage disposal, plumber putty is used for sealing purpose. You can solve this problem by yourself first disconnect your unit and cleaned the old seal off the sink and then reseal

In some other types of the disposal, the unit flange is used, you can tighten it with the help of a screwdriver and if the issue was not resolved then replace it with the new one

2. Garbage Disposal Leak From The Lower Side 

If your garbage disposal is leaking from the lower side then first properly checked from all sides and be sure it leaks from the bottom, not from the side or top.

Because, if you want a solution then first you should know about the actual problem. Garbage disposal leak from the bottom when their internal seal break. Internal seal is a very important thing because it protects the motor of garbage disposal and when it breaks then your garbage disposal stopped the work or want able to do his work

Fix That Problem

 There is no solution to this problem; you can’t fix this issue. The only way to solve this issue is you have to buy new garbage disposal. If you have the warranty of your disposal unit, then there are possibilities to resolve this issue by using their warranty card, you can call to the manufacturing company or nearby service care center by checking your warranty card company person will help you in this matter and resolve your issue. Garbage disposal is not much expensive you can buy new instead of repairing the old one. Life of the garbage unit is approximately 5 to 15 years. It depends on manufacturing quality. There are many brands available from different companies with a different name you have to choose by yourself which quality, design, and size you want. Mostly its work more than its price tag.

3. Garbage Disposal Leak From The Side

 Garbage disposal unit also leaks from the side, and the main reason for this is the drain lines. In all garbage disposal units, two lines are connected smaller drain line and larger drain line. The smaller line connects the dishwasher pipe to the inlet of the disposal dishwasher. Larder line connects it to the sewer.

How To Resolve That Problem?

If the dripping start from the hose of dishwasher then tightens the screw of the clamp by using a screwdriver, after tightening hose of washer get secured and problem resolved, but if leakage is due to the main drain line, then you can quickly resolve this issue by tightening screws of main lines. If the problem persists then replace the rubber gasket present inside the pipe with the new gasket

How The Disposal Unit Secures For A Long Time?

If you want to secure your garbage disposal unit for a long time or extend its life, then you should follow the followings points.

  • Used your garbage disposal unit regularly
  • If you are using a disposal unit then not used hot water
  • When your disposal unit complete its grinding process, don’t turn off the switch keep it on for a few minutes
  • Don’t put large waste in the disposal unit
  • Not put the peel of potatoes and citrus fruits
  • Eggshells break their blade so don’t throw it on the disposal unit


This article is about the disposal unit and its leakage problem. It helps to understand all leakage problem and fixing procedure. If you want to buy a new one then for choosing best garbage unit search on the internet. Read comments and review of different customer properly, what they are saying about the product which they installed in their homes, hotels etc.

you can also be asked from your friends and coworker that which garbage unit they are using after this you will definitely know which kind of garbage unit is good, reliable and not start leakage.